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Anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s Executionþ

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    On the Anniversary of Saddam Hussein s Executionþ 1/02/09 Speech by Ali Baghdadi Read by Jeff Archer, Author of The Mother of All Battles On the Anniversary
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2009
      On the Anniversary of Saddam Hussein's Executionþ
      Speech by Ali Baghdadi
      Read by Jeff Archer, Author of The Mother of All Battles

      On the Anniversary of Saddam Hussein's Execution
      In San Diego County, California

      Ladies and gentlemen,

      Friends and supporters of the Iraqi resistance,

      The story of Abraham's attempt to sacrifice his son in obedience to
      his God, according to Jewish and non-Jewish contemporary
      archeologists and historians, is a myth, one of the many Jewish

      Nevertheless, Saddam Hussein's sacrifice of his two sons, grandson,
      family members, and his own life in the Mother of all Battles that
      the United States, with all its destructive power, cannot end, is
      real not fiction. Hundreds of millions throughout the world saw him
      walking to the gallows, calm, composed, with his head up high and
      defiant. That day was and is the true Eid of Sacrifice. We
      Palestinians honor and celebrate his great memory on this day. It
      gave us pride and hope, and strengthened our determination to
      continue the march. Victory is on the horizon.

      Saddam loved Palestine and we loved Saddam. Had he betrayed
      Palestine and the Palestinians, Saddam would have been alive today.
      He would be joining President Mubarak of Egypt, King Abdallah of
      Saudi Arabia, and King Abdallah II of Jordan in the American Zionist
      conspiracy and attempt to crush the Palestinians.

      I wish I am with you in person as you gather to commemorate the life
      of Saddam Hussein. It is a great honor. Unfortunately, I cannot. I
      have been pinned down day and night to satellite TV. Jewish
      controlled American media, which blame the victims, would not dare
      bring the terrifying picture that I have been seeing. I have been
      watching live the bloodbath and the holocaust being inflicted on the
      helpless people of Gaza. I have been watching American weapons of
      mass destruction in action. I have been watching the F16's, the
      Apache helicopters, and gun boats dropping the most destructive
      bombs, Israel's Christmas and New Year's fireworks, on people who
      have no means to reach them. I have been watching body parts of men,
      women and children scattered in the streets and pulled from
      underneath the rubble. I have been watching Israeli rockets
      targeting apartment buildings, homes, schools, universities, mosques,
      clinics, and even ambulances. The Islamic University, the oldest and
      largest scientific complex in Gaza, was hit and destroyed a couple
      days ago. Today, Dar al-Arqam, a highly respected private school,
      received the same fate. Arab educational institutions, according to
      American and Israeli leaders, are legitimate targets. They
      produce "terrorists".

      One of the most moving experiences that made me cry was a "speech"
      delivered by a 5 year old Palestinian girl standing in her destroyed
      bedroom in the midst of her shattered dolls, and torn and burned
      clothes. "Where are we going to sleep?", she wondered. "EVEN I was
      terrified," she added. The word, EVEN, coming from an innocent
      pretty little girl, who thinks of herself to be strong and brave, is
      making my heart traumatized with pain. I am certain, this girl, if
      she survives the massacre carried out by the "fourth-military-power"
      in the world, will, in a few years, become a "terrorist" leader.
      Seriously, her speech, her logic, her tone of voice, and her hands'
      gesture, were more effective than those of Barak Obama, who inspired
      millions of people worldwide. Of course, unlike the U.S. President-
      elect, it is doubtful that Westerners will ever hear her, since she
      is a Palestinian, an Arab and a Muslim.

      What hurts me the most is the fact that I can only watch the
      bloodbath, the genocide and the holocaust the helpless and
      defenseless Palestinians are subjected to. Bush designated
      Palestinian charitable institutions which assist orphans and widows
      as terrorist organizations. Aiding those institutions is punishable
      by long term jail sentences. Gaza has been under Israeli military
      siege for many months. Civilians are denied all basic requirements
      of life, food, drinking water, medicine, electricity and fuel.

      Ironically, President-elect Obama has been having a good time in
      Hawaii. He pretends to be deaf and blind. Those who expected change
      from Obama may soon be disappointed. Unless he speaks out and take
      positive and courageous steps against occupation, oppression and
      genocide, Obama will soon be next to Bush, a mass murderer and war
      criminal, in history books. Silence is complicity.

      Five days have passed and none of Israel's objectives have been
      realized. Palestinian will to resist will not be broken.
      Palestinian resistance has made it clear; no negotiations will be
      considered until aggression is completely stopped; unless the siege
      of Gaza is fully lifted; and unless the people of Gaza exercise their
      right to move, travel and trade freely and have communication with
      the outside world. Gaza is the most densely area in the world. One
      and a half million Palestinians live in 150 square miles. More than
      500 targets were indiscriminately hit and destroyed. All-out-
      starvation has not worked. All-out-war will also fail. Palestinians
      are fighting back. Their homemade rockets, though small and
      primitive, have forced almost one million Jewish settlers to hide in
      shelters. Remember that the settlements Palestinians hit, are towns
      and villages from which they were forcefully evicted by Jewish gangs,
      robbers and bandits.

      Israel was defeated in Southern Lebanon in July of 2006. Certainly,
      Israel will be defeated in Gaza. Victory of the oppressed will
      prevail. We see it now in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Saddam is satisfied, contented and at peace in his grave.



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