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ISNA Brown-Nosing Extremist Jews

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    Anti-Zionist Strategy for Muslim Americans Stop Brown-Nosing Extremist Jews! by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni@aol.com) Friday, January 02, 2009
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      Anti-Zionist Strategy for Muslim Americans

      Stop Brown-Nosing Extremist Jews!
      by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni@...)
      Friday, January 02, 2009

      [Original link contains a number of hyper-links.]

      ISNA features Jewish Week article No Tolerance For Anti-Zionist In
      Madrid on its website.

      The text reports:

      Dr. Sayyid Syeed, national director of the Islamic Society of North
      America, said he was upset by the planned participation in the
      conference, which opened this week, of Rabbi Yisrael Dovid Weiss, a
      representative of Neturei Karta from upstate Monsey. Rabbi Weiss was
      to be the only Jewish leader to address the gathering sponsored by
      the Saudi-affiliated Muslim World League.

      Syeed said he immediately called Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi ambassador to
      the U.S., to complain about the Neturei Karta invitation. "I told the
      ambassador that we strongly protested the invitation, which was not
      only an affront to our friends in the Jewish community, but to us as
      well." Syeed's organization, considered one of the most influential
      Muslim groups in North America, has instituted joint programming in
      the past several years with Jewish groups like the Union for Reform
      Judaism and Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.

      Jewish leaders invited to the conference had also threatened to
      boycott it if Weiss — who gained notoriety by speaking at a Holocaust
      denial conference in Tehran two years ago — were invited to speak in
      Madrid. Organizers of this week's conference finally announced that
      Rabbi Weiss would not be among the speakers, and had decided not to
      attend the conference. He was replaced as principal Jewish speaker by
      Rabbi Arthur Schneier, spiritual leader of Park East Synagogue in
      Manhattan and founder of the interfaith Appeal of Conscience

      No group makes a bigger distinction between Israel and Judaism than
      Neturei Karta. By insulting the most consistently anti-Zionist Jewish
      group and its representative Rabbi Weiss, who is a genuine friend of
      the American Muslim community as well as one of the few Jewish
      leaders willing to confront issues of the Holocaust honestly, Dr.

      showed complete Zionist mental colonization, groveled to extremist
      Jewish Zionist leaders, and accepted an effective equation of Judaism
      and Israel in a way that could only insult decent honest Jews that
      reject Zionism and demand the abolition of the Zionist state.

      The purpose of Dr. Syeed's self-abasement was unclear. Perhaps he
      sacrificed Palestinians on the altar of improved Muslim-Jewish
      interfaith relations because he believes that Jewish Zionists will
      reciprocate if a Muslim leader shows sympathy for Jewish Zionist
      positions. [The only reason a Jewish organization gets involved in a
      church or an Islamic organization is to get them to accept "Israel's
      right to exist" and to abandon the Palestinian friendship. -WVNS]

      Not only does the outpouring of support from the mainstream organized
      Jewish community for the current murderous Zionist attack on Gaza as
      Jewish Islamophobes ratchet up their effort at anti-Muslim incitement
      demonstrate how wrong such an idea is, but choosing to massacre
      Palestinian innocents on Christmas weekend demonstrates how much
      contempt Jewish Zionists have for Christian Americans on whom the
      State of Israel depends.

      Since 9/11 the organized Islamic community has tended toward
      defensiveness and apologia when preemptive attacks on Jewish Zionist
      groups and outreach to Christians would be more appropriate. Islamic
      organizations have generally evinced a strong reluctance to connect
      the dots to demonstrate the threat that Jewish Zionists and the State
      of Israel represent to the USA and to the world.

      Please contrast the CAIR discussion of Islamophobia
      [http://www.cair.com/Issues/Islamophobia/Islamophobia.aspx%5d with mine
      [http://eaazi.blogspot.com/2007/07/updating-ajc-attacks.html%5d, which
      puts Islamophobia within a broader synchronic and diachronic context.

      Not only did my article receive extraordinary web-traction and
      exacerbate internal Jewish conflict, but it also connected to several
      major stories covered in the broadcast media.

      I made the extremely important point that the American Jewish
      Committee by its own admission in Commentary, which was an
      AJCommittee publication at the time, was attacking progressive Jews
      and engaging in Islamophobia in order to undermine American democracy.

      I did not discuss terrorism at all because it was completely
      unnecessary to address the "dragon story" in this context. ["Dragon
      story" is marketing terminology for the customer's main reason to
      reject a product. If it must be brought up, it is summarized and
      dismissed in the first 2 minutes of a presentation.]

      Note that ADL founded in 1913 never addressed the role that Russian
      Jews played as the quintessential Bolshevik-Soviet class in the 10s,
      20s, 30s and 40s because any such discussion would have tended to
      legitimize Judeophobia.

      Overall Islamic groups might get more traction with the American
      public by focusing on three basic bread and butter issues:

      unequal enforcement of US Law for Jews and non-Jews (see One Law for
      All Americans -- it has direct implications for the HLF, el-Arian,
      and Fort Dix Five cases),

      criminal conspiracy against rights by the David Project, StandWithUs,
      Daniel Pipes, and David Horowitz, (see Conspiracy Against Rights in
      NYC) and

      the economy (see Every Israel Advocate a Madoff and Gladwell Supports
      Hegemonic Zionist Discourse).

      Thanks to the Madoff fraud, Muslims can open up a discussion of
      Jewish financial fraud (both historical and current) as well as of
      the damage that the US-Israel alliance has done to the US economy,
      the world economy, and the pocketbooks of the vast majority of

      Such a discussion might skirt some anti-Semitic stereotypes, but
      stereotypes exist because they have some truth. Norman Finkelstein
      has provided a useful passage dealing with that issue as I describe
      in Finkelstein: Antisemitic Stereotypes, Jewish Behavior.

      In general, Muslims need to learn more about Jewish history, and I
      have created this EAAZI blog specifically to provide Jews and non-
      Jews with an honest introduction to Jewish studies without the need
      to learn lots of obscure languages.

      Students of the history of Eastern European Jews fairly quickly

      that E. Europe is the mother of extremist völkisch racism and ethnic

      that Ashkenazim were probably one of the most racist E. European
      ethnic groups, and

      that Zionist indoctrination has only exacerbated traditional Jewish

      For this reason Muslim groups must demand the removal of Jewish
      racists like Abigail Thernstrom from the US Commission on Civil
      Rights and their replacement with activists genuinely committed to
      civil rights. (Recommending a few Muslims of various ethnicities to
      the USCCR would be a good idea.)

      Besides perverting civil (and human) rights advocacy, the organized
      Jewish community and Zionists use the Holocaust

      as a club to beat down American Muslims, American Arabs and anyone
      sympathizing with Palestinians,

      as a means to thwart the proper identification of Zionism as ethnic
      Ashkenazi Nazism, and

      as a mechanism to forestall any open discussion of Jewish extremism,
      fanaticism, racism, or criminality.

      Because the US Holocaust Memorial Museum has made Darfur its latest
      cause, Muslim organizations should make a combined effort to put at
      least one American Muslim on the USHMM council. At the very least, a
      Muslim member could serve as an obstacle to the use of the USHMM for
      Zionist propaganda and might even be instrumental in transforming the
      museum into an honest organization that presented the narrative of
      the Holocaust properly contextualized within the history of Jewish
      violence, terrorism, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide
      directed against non-Jews.

      Because Muslim children like most American children are subjected to
      Holocaust indoctrination in grammar school through college, some
      Muslim organization should consider producing a Muslim guide to the
      Holocaust while all Muslim groups should insist on balancing
      Holocaust programs with Nakba education. (See Anti-Semitosis
      Infection Spreads to UK.)

      Such a document would only require about 20-40 pages. It would
      probably take about three months to write and then another three
      months to verify and to make distributable.

      If done properly, the guide would probably obtain a lot of media
      coverage as well as traction with American non-Jews and should serve
      as an essential tool for Muslims wishing to take part in interfaith
      activities in the university environment and in the larger society.

      It would be particularly effective to coordinate the release of such
      a text with inauguration of an externship program to monitor the
      Islamophobic activities of Israel advocates and the organized Jewish
      community on campus. Such a Muslim program could be modeled on the
      Emerson Fellowship of StandWithUs. In coordination with CAIR, MAS,
      and college anti-racist groups, the externs could take the lead

      in thwarting Jewish Zionist extremism and
      in creating a pro-Muslim consciousness among Muslim and non-Muslim

      None of the suggestions above are particularly costly, and the
      strategy that they comprise would easily couple with an extensive
      fund-raising campaign that would precede and accompany the program to
      neutralize the plethora of Islamophobic and Jewish Zionist groups and
      individuals, who are simply not used to dealing with an organized
      opposition with a long-term strategy.

      If Muslims design and execute the anti-Zionist anti-Islamophobe
      program properly, the vast majority of Americans will eventually
      realize that Zionists are not only the enemies of Palestinians and
      Muslims but also of Americans and the entire human race. Otherwise,
      the Zionists will — as the David Project mission statement says —
      complete the Islamic emasculation process started by Dr. Syeed and
      his ilk by completely "diminishing the impact of Israel's detractors,
      increasing the support of Israel on campus" and succeed in the
      ongoing effort to "strengthen the pro-Israel and pro-Jewish forces
      within the churches."

      In the America that Dr. Syeed and Israel advocates are working to
      create, ISNA, which at one time served as a clear moral voice for
      American Muslims and intended to participate fully as an equal in the
      American political system so that it could aid Palestinians, seems to
      have been neutralized as a critic or detractor of Israel as a result
      of Jewish interfaith smarm.



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