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992917 Muslim Brotherhood members detained

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    Dec 1, 2008
      17 Muslim Brotherhood members detained
      Sun, 23 Nov 2008

      Egyptian security forces have arrested 17 members of the Muslim
      Brotherhood on charges of taking part in an alleged illegal meeting.

      The detainees were seized in Al-Fayyoum Governorate, south of the
      Egyptian capital, Cairo. Some were arrested as they were leaving a
      mosque after evening prayers while others were taken into custody
      from their homes.

      The men were held on charges of affiliation to a banned group and
      arrangement of a meeting without a permit.

      The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, was officially banned in
      1954. It controls one fifth of the country's parliamentary seats,
      while its members run as 'independents' because of their banned

      Political analysts say Cairo government wants to stop the Brotherhood
      from mounting a serious political challenge to President Hosni
      Mubarak who has been in power since 1981. Egyptian police often
      detain members without formal charges.


      Parliament Decision Allows MPs to Monitor
      Violations in Police Headquarters
      Sunday, November 30, 2008
      IkhwanWeb - Egypt

      The Egyptian Parliament's Human Rights Committee decided Saturday to
      grant MPs permanent license to monitor Police headquarters across the
      country after a suggestion by Muslim Brotherhood MP Hussein Ibrahim,
      the MP told Ikhwanweb.

      Ibrahim said the decision aims at monitoring any violations of human
      rights in any police station and improving the relationship between
      the police man and the citizen.

      "Police headquarters have become home to the most heinous crimes
      against citizens, but this should not be the normal situation
      anymore," Ibrahim said in statements to Ikhwanweb.

      The decision is one step in the right direction aiming at combating
      violence committed by police officers which has become customary and
      is committed on a daily basis, Ibrahim added.

      However, Ibrahim told Ikhwanweb he expects that the decision will
      face a lot of obstacles to be implemented, but that the MB and
      independent MPs will not surrender to these obstacles.

      "In case the decision is not officially implemented, we will pay
      visits on our own to police stations and prepare written report to
      the parliament about all violations," Ibrahim told Ikhwanweb.



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