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    Aug 1 4:25 AM
      It's the Jews Stupid
      by Curt Maynard
      Sunday, 02 July 2006

      I have long thought about writing this article but hesitated because I
      didn't want the reader to conclude that I believed that all Jews are
      complicit in what amounts to a vast conspiracy to undermine western
      civilization and establish a Talmudic centered one world government.
      However, times have changed, and I feel obligated to write this and
      post it on the last bastion of freedom of speech, the Internet –
      before even that, in its present form is made unavailable to mankind.

      Of course all Jews aren't engaged in this nefarious plan, but
      unfortunately most of them will come to the aid of those who are.
      There are some exceptions, on occasion one will criticize another, but
      as a rule, those who are in a position to publicly denounce one of
      their own are still pro-Israel/pro-Zionist in orientation. A Jewish
      conservative talk show host named Michael Savage recently condemned
      George Soros, a multinational Jewish Supremacist, for engaging in the
      kind of activities that according to Savage led to the holocaust more
      than sixty years ago. In a sense Savage is right, Soros is exactly the
      kind of Jew that inspired Germans to wake up and democratically elect
      Adolf Hitler in 1933, the financial shenanigans Soros engages in
      today, are pretty much the same thing German Jews were engaged in
      prior to the Second World War. Unfortunately, Savage can't be looked
      at as a role model for Jews either; he's a hard core Zionist and an
      Israeli apologist, blindly towing the line for this little provocateur
      no matter what it does or whom it does it to

      This little spat between Soros and Savage illustrates an important
      point and one I intend to thoroughly expand on in the next few pages.
      Savage is allegedly a "right wing" Jew and Soros is allegedly a
      leftist, both are Jewish, both have a voice, both have a platform,
      Savage's is talk radio and Soros speaks through various organizations,
      like Moveon.com and whatever else his money and influence buys. You
      won't hear any non-Jewish critics of Israel on the radio, television
      or on Moveon.com – they have no voice, no platform, not in the
      mainstream media anyway. The networks have gotten to the point where
      when Israel and/or Middle Eastern affairs are discussed; the experts
      and analysts are introduced, and they may as well be referred to as
      Jew #1, Jew #2 and Jew #3. I can't tell you how sick it makes me when
      Fox News, the allegedly "fair and balanced," network introduces
      Charles Krauthammer and William Crystal to their viewers as if either
      could possibly offer an unbiased opinion when it comes to Israel
      and/or organized Jewry, both are in every sense of the word Jewish

      Jews are today so over represented, so disproportionately prevalent,
      in just about every facet of American life, despite composing a very
      small numerical percentage of our population that I no longer believe,
      as I once did, that most people aren't aware of it. Sure there are a
      few, busily engaged in acquiring as much money as possible, or
      watching American Idol, or engrossed in video games and MTV, that they
      aren't fully awake, but in my opinion, for the most part anyway, those
      that deny the reach and omnipresence of Jewish influence in America
      today are either ignorant, delusional and/or complicit.
      One recent phenomenon that finally encouraged me to write, "It's the
      Jews Stupid," is this incredible short sighted and moronic tendency to
      compare George Bush to Adolph Hitler, or to bring up George's
      grandfathers alleged relationship with the Nazi's and to somehow
      suggest that this alleged relationship proves Bush is himself is a
      Nazi. This ridiculous theory is advanced by the same folks that
      suppress the abundance of evidence implicating the Israelis and a
      complicit and predominantly Jewish media in what happened in NYC and
      at the Pentagon on 9-11, people like Greg Szymanski, who by the way
      claims to live in a very small Idaho community known as Spirit Lake,
      but like his theories, this too is a lie, my mother lives in Spirit
      lake; and Szymanski doesn't. Szymanski also loves to implicate a so
      called "Black Pope," in every nefarious incident that has occurred
      over the last several decades; I can't tell you who or exactly what
      this "Black Pope," is, as I don't bother to read Szymanski's crap,
      he's a moron and a crude propagandist, who would like to misdirect his
      readers attention to ludicrous ideas like Bush is a Nazi and/or a
      servant of this nebulous Black Pope. I have written Szymanski several
      times and pointed out to him that "it's the Jews stupid," but he
      refuses to respond to my missives, preferring instead to continue his
      pointless and misleading rants. I have since concluded that Szymanski
      isn't just a fool, he's a hired gun, and agent provocateur, granted,
      not a very good one, but one nevertheless.

      So, some of you might ask, "well how exactly do you know Bush is not a
      Nazi." For anyone with the shallowest understanding of history as it
      relates to the Second World War, this isn't much of a surprise, sadly
      most Americans are more attuned to their feelings of self worth than
      they are history in general, so they may be more susceptible to
      believing concepts that are so erroneous that those with a rudimentary
      knowledge just disregard out of hand. Hitler sought to exclude Jews
      from German life, especially their representation in government,
      academics and the German media, which was composed of newspapers, news
      magazines and radio in those days – their was no television, at least
      not available to the public – so this wasn't an issue. George Bush has
      appointed Jews to some of the most sensitive positions in the American
      government, Michael Chertoff is the Director of Homeland Security, a
      position that places him in a position to do pretty much as he likes
      with our National Security apparatus, Chertoff is an ethnic Jew and a
      dual citizen of the state of Israel. Hitler wouldn't have considered
      appointing a Jew to such a post period – it wouldn't have happened,
      primarily because the German people, the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler
      were entirely cognizant of the fact that German Jewry had collectively
      done their best to destroy the German economy and German nation after
      the First World War. Does this mean that every German Jew participated
      in this treasonous pursuit, that every German Jew became wealthy at
      the expense of their non-Jewish German neighbors? Of course not, but
      like today in America, most Jews actively participated in covering up
      the crimes of their criminal co-religionists, which makes them
      complicit to a certain extent. One can see the same phenomenon at work
      today in America, anytime anyone mentions that Jews are
      disproportionately represented in the United States government, in the
      American media, in academics, in the medical profession, in banking,
      which in fact they are, they are met with a coordinated assault by an
      incredible number of Jews, most of whom aren't guilty of committing
      any actual crimes, who seek to silence them with various labels, i.e.
      anti-Semite, bigot, racist, etc… One hears many excuses for this
      cohesive support, which only enables the criminals, fear of
      anti-Semitism, and/or fear of the next pogrom or holocaust.
      Unfortunately for collective Jewry, this excuse doesn't wash – what
      they are doing, and what the Germans knew they were collectively doing
      in 1933, and what Americans are slowly becoming aware of now, is
      aiding and abetting their co-religionists to commit crimes that are
      tantamount to treason. In 1933 the German nation democratically
      elected a leader that promised them he wouldn't allow this absolute
      and empirical reality to continue. George Bush on the other hand chose
      a Jew named Bernenke to replace another Jew named Alan Greenspan as
      the head of the Federal Reserve, a position that is without question
      perhaps one of the most powerful and influential positions in
      government today. In the words of Joseph Goebbels' if Hitler were to
      have done something like that after the German people had suffered
      through a decade of hyperinflation, and the deprivation so associated,
      the German people would have "boxed their ears."[1]

      The fact is, George Bush is not a Nazi, he is not in the least
      sympathetic with Nationalism, let alone National Socialism; he is
      without a doubt the most Philo-Semitic President that has ever sat in
      the Oval Office period. Adolph Hitler sought to ostracize Jewish
      troublemakers; Bush seeks to make them his most influential foreign
      and domestic policy advisors. As Bush himself would say, "make no
      mistake," our commander and chief is not critical of Israel and/or the
      disproportionate amount of influence Jews in the United States wield;
      he is their friend, their ally, and in the end, more concerned about
      their interests than he is in the interests of his own nation. There
      are those that would seek to convince you and I that Bush is a
      "Christian fundamentalist," and it is for this reason that he supports
      Israel and Jews with such vigor, but this too is a chimera, Bush is an
      opportunist, not an ideologue, he has no loyalty to anything beyond
      himself and his own business interests.

      Goebbels' was somewhat of a prophet pariah, he understood organized
      Jewry like few Americans do today, he understood that their collective
      calls of anti-Semitism directed at the Nazi leadership and indeed the
      German people themselves was a technique they had successfully used,
      even perfected, in order to advance their interests while at the same
      time suppressing any dissent from the gentile majority. We see this
      same technique at work today, all around the world, anytime anyone
      honestly divulges the actions of a Jew in some crime; they are
      immediately smeared with the label of "anti-Semitism." This is not a
      recent phenomenon, it has nothing to do with Zionism, as Noam Chomsky
      might suggest, it is an ageless technique developed by Jewry over an
      extended period of time, as evidenced by one entry Goebbels' made in
      his diary during the Second World War, more than sixty years ago.

      The Jews in England now demand laws to protect them from
      anti-Semitism. We know these tactics from our own past when we were
      struggling for power. I didn't help much. We were always able to find
      loopholes in the law. Besides anti-Semitism cannot be eradicated by
      law once it has taken root with the people. A law against hating Jews
      is usually the beginning of the end for the Jews[2]

      Goebbels' also noted in his diary an inevitability that will catch up
      with Jewry once again, an inevitability that has caught up with them
      in the past – one they cannot seem to escape entirely, and one that
      should motivate any sane Jew to seriously reconsider their
      relationship with the so called Jewish state of Israel and its blatant
      disregard for what the majority of the people in the world want, and
      that is to live free of the Jewish yoke, whether that yoke be of an
      economic nature, and/or one of a socio-political-cultural character.
      In the following entry Goebbels' notes something that is becoming
      evident today – many Jews are becoming aware of the fact that non-Jews
      are beginning to scrutinize some uncomfortable facts that implicate
      Jews as being behind a great deal of the issues that most effect them
      – this is getting harder to cover up, people are beginning to notice
      that Jews are disproportionately represented in the areas of life that
      the non-Jewish majority is most concerned with, and that is the
      degeneracy of western culture, the degeneracy of American culture, the
      degradation of Christian values, the collapse of the American
      educational system and the rape of our economy. In their haste to
      cover up their involvement in these areas, Jews are exposing
      themselves as they never have before, and because of this Americans
      now know that Jews dominate Hollywood, the media in all its facets,
      our economy, our judicial process and in many respects our very
      government. Once again, this is nothing new, Jews had attempted the
      very same thing in Germany after the First World War and in France,
      and in Poland, and in Spain – in fact ethnic Jews have been tossed out
      of more countries, not for their faith as they today allege, but
      because of their collective behavior, than any other ethnic group in
      history. Despite what your history professor will tell you about their
      ejection from Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella, it had nothing to do
      with the fact that they weren't Catholic and everything to do with
      their behavior – they intentionally enslaved the Spanish people under
      their usurious yolk, they absolutely, without any doubt whatsoever
      ushered in the Moorish invaders from Africa and as a result they
      unquestionably committed treason, and the Spanish people knew it. It
      is for these reasons and no others that the Jews were ejected from
      Spain and you can bet there wasn't a moist eye to be found among the
      Spanish victims. Bearing this in mind, carefully consider the words of
      Joseph Goebbels':

      The Jews aren't always so clever as they would like themselves to
      believe. Whenever they are in danger they prove to be the stupidest

      Goebbels' was of course correct, contemporaneously and in a modern
      sense as well, organized Jewry has in fact become desperate, they
      exposed themselves completely on 9-11, and if the media were in other
      hands, their Fifth Column would long ago have been neutralized and the
      war on terror ended. If it were not for the fact that the entire media
      apparatus was kosher, Americans would know that 150 Israelis were
      arrested in the United States following 9-11 for espionage and then
      quietly deported without informing the American public by the Jew and
      dual Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff, who was at that time Assistant
      Attorney General under the flunky John Ashcroft. If it weren't for the
      fact that the media is in a virtual and very Jewish stranglehold,
      Americans would know that five Israeli's were arrested on 9-11 after
      they were witnessed filming the impacts of the airliners into the
      World Trade Centers while laughing, joking and clapping one another on
      the backs in a congratulatory manner. These Israeli Jews were also
      deported back to Israel without informing the American people that
      they had even been arrested, let alone what their behavior was
      purported to have been. If it weren't for the complicit media and
      government, not to mention the corrupt judicial system, Americans
      would be familiar with the empirical fact that on January 2, 2004 an
      Israeli Jew named Asher Karni was arrested for having sold [past
      tense] more than sixty nuclear weapon detonators to Pakistan, the
      world's most unstable Islamic Republic and a country in which "Osama,"
      as in Osama Bin Laden, is the most popular name for a male child. If
      the American media wasn't under the direct control of Jews, the
      American people would know that an American Jew named Yehuda Abraham
      was arrested in 2003 for conspiring to sell Russian made surface to
      air missiles to undercover FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operatives
      with the understanding that these missiles would be used on American
      civilian airliners in the continental United States.

      The fact is, we don't know whether the above named Jews are in fact
      Zionists, or even sympathetic with the Zionist cause, but we do know
      they are ethnic Jews and we know their names, identities, and actions
      are being hidden from the people of the United States, with the
      express intent of deceiving Americans into believing that Israel is
      their ally.

      It's the Jews stupid!

      It doesn't matter whether Jews appear to be leftists like Alan
      Dershowitz or Noam Chomsky, or whether they appear to be "right
      wingers," like former leftist David Horowitz, or Michael Savage, or
      Norman Podheretz, William Krystal or Charles Krauthammer, they
      inevitably are intent on advancing what cannot be considered anything
      other than Jewish interests. Concepts like liberalism and conservatism
      are nothing more than angles to them to be manipulated and mastered
      for the advancement of Jewish interests as a collective whole. A
      perfect example of this incestuous predilection is how Jews on both
      the right and left look upon the criminal Oligarchs of Russia and
      their criminal acquisition of Russia's entire infrastructure in the
      1990s for pennies on the dollar. The Russian people led by their
      President, Vladimir Putin, have recently indicted several Jewish
      Oligarchs for this monumental theft, most of the indicted have escaped
      to refuse in Israel and/or Britain, nonetheless their assets in Russia
      have been appropriated, rightfully it might be added, and their ill
      acquired fortunes have suffered as a result. So what does organized
      Jewry do? They pull every string they can, they exert their
      unbelievable collective influence upon various members of Congress in
      an effort to get them to condemn the Russian government as
      anti-democratic, they compel President Bush to support the
      condemnations, they lobby anyone and everyone they can in an effort to
      enable these Jewish thieves to retain their stolen monies and
      property. You won't see any articles written by Jews condemning the
      Oligarch's for stealing billions from the Russian people, but you'll
      see plenty of articles written by Jews condemning Putin and the
      Russian people for protesting the fact that they have been ripped off.
      We don't really know if these Oligarch's are Zionists and/or
      sympathetic to the Zionist cause. We do however know that they are
      ethnic Jews and that they quickly became Capitalists, despite having
      lived in a communist country for the majority of their lives, after
      the collapse of the USSR. Fortunately we know today that the
      Oligarch's of Russia were financed by ethnic Jews in America, and that
      their primary apologists today are the very same American Jews – so
      once again, despite the smoke and mirrors of the all too predictable
      boogeyman of Zionism, "it's the Jews stupid," not their latest "ism."

      Lenard Lieberman,[4] Vice President of Clear Channel Communications,
      one of the largest if not the largest corporate owners of radio
      stations across the United States, launched a billboard advertisement
      campaign in California a year or so ago, which claimed that Los
      Angeles was in Mexico, not California. The reaction was predictable,
      millions of Americans reacted negatively to the billboards,
      immediately demanding that they be taken down, which predictably led
      to catcalls of racism, and then the media just as predictably brought
      forward all kinds of pro-Mexican radicals that claimed California was
      part of Mexico and those that disputed this claim were racists.

      Hispanic front men for Lieberman and spokespeople for Clear Channel
      insisted that only "racists" wanted the signs taken down and stated
      against all opposition that the signs would remain up and for about a
      week they did. Initially the reactionary American population blamed
      Mexicans and Hispanics, it was only after an extensive Internet
      investigation that the facts came out - a Jewish vice president of
      Clear Channel named Lenard Lieberman was the brains behind the
      advertising campaign and had ordered the signs erected. Once this
      information was posted on the Internet, the signs immediately came
      down, overnight in fact. The media dropped the entire matter and not
      another word about the billboards has since been heard on American
      airwaves. Lieberman probably isn't a "leftist" radical, considering
      that he's the vice president of a large American Capitalist
      corporation, we don't know whether or not he's a Zionist, but we know
      he's a Jew, and we can see by his surreptitious behavior that he was
      far more interested in fomenting division than he was in creating
      unity. The fact is, organized Jewry is the main impetus behind both
      legal and illegal immigration into western nations – those that
      dispute this absolute fact are once again, either, stupid, delusional,
      and/or complicit. Jews love to play all sides, as a matter a fact they
      are masters at it, by doing so they hope to control the agendas of any
      organizations that might one day challenge the established kosher
      order. Remember Cindy Sheehan? Ms. Sheehan is essentially a leftist
      who got it right when she sent a letter to a major news network
      stating that her son joined the Army to protect the United States of
      America, not Israel, her fame grew exponentially just preceding that
      letter and in it's immediate aftermath – she showed up at Bush's ranch
      in Texas demanding to see the traitor, all of the networks provided
      coverage, but someone got to Cindy and convinced her to retract her
      statement concerning Israel, and as a result she has been marginalized
      since. Sure the Jewish media throws her a bone every now and again,
      but she'll never recover the momentum she had in the summer off 2005,
      she has since been relegated to speaking at "unity," type churches,
      where the Jews can keep their eyes on her at all times.

      The entire immigration fiasco in America today is completely dominated
      by ethnic Jews, they ensure that no restrictive legislation is made
      into law and when individuals like the Minutemen form into groups and
      become a little too popular they start cranking out the media
      propaganda and the all to common denunciations of bigotry, and/or they
      get their front men, people like George Bush, to accuse the Minutemen
      of vigilantism. Fortunately few Americans take that fool seriously any
      longer – they have basically pegged him for what he is, a damnable
      traitor. So how do the Jews accomplish all this? Consider the following:

      The Jewish-Latino relationship is now viewed as an absolute priority
      for our [Jewish] community, said American Jewish Committee Washington,
      DC, area director David Bernstein. "We see them [Hispanics] as
      increasingly active politically and more and more willing to work with
      coalition partners in achieving our collective goals." The phenomenon
      has been emerging in the last five to ten years. Groups such as the
      American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Community Council have been
      forming coalitions with organizations such as the National Council of
      La Raza and the League of United Latin American Citizens.[5]

      No doubt organized Jewry would love to cultivate this relationship, it
      would be good for Jews albeit devastating for Hispanics. After nearly
      eighty years of exploitation, the black community has finally managed
      to semi-extricate itself from the parasitic grip of organized Jewry.
      If in fact this relationship between Hispanic and Jewish groups
      develops further there is no doubt whatsoever that the relatively
      harmonious relationship between Hispanics and whites enjoyed today
      will end and become just like the seething, resentful, and negative
      relationship between the American white and black communities. The
      black community has been so exploited by Jewry over the last eighty
      years that they may be beyond recovery as a viable group in the United
      States. This isn't to say that Jews have just focused on African
      Americans, oh no, they have victimized and stigmatized every black man
      and woman, and they have done so by convincing these blacks that the
      Jew is their only ally and friend, they then turn around and use the
      black race as a scapegoat for Jewish crimes – just as they have
      successfully done post Katrina, when the heat was on the Israeli's and
      the Jewish media in regards to the Iraq War, along came Hurricane
      Katrina, and the displacement of a group of blacks so degenerate and
      handicapped by being third and fourth generation welfare recipients,
      that no white person in their right mind would want them as neighbors,
      yet the Jews came out in force, doing their best to relocate these
      blacks in the most unlikely of white regions, i.e. Utah, that for
      months white America had its mind on little else other than the
      depravity and ignorance of many of these near savages from New Orleans
      and ways in which to keep them out of their neighborhoods. Result –
      few were focused on what Israel was doing in Palestine or what was
      happening in Iraq and Iran.

      So how do the Jews exploit their relationship with minorities?

      David Horowitz was once a fairly well known Jewish leftist in the
      1960s and 1970s. He has since "converted," to neo-conservatism, which
      isn't that much of an ideological leap believe it or not, the neo-cons
      are really nothing more than left leaning Trotskyites with an alleged
      "right wing," foreign policy outlook, which is just another way of
      saying they support the state of Israel even at the expense of their
      host country the United States of America. In any case, Horowitz wrote
      an autobiography a few years ago, in it he tried to explain to his
      former leftist oriented readers how he came to reject the socialism he
      once advocated and instead embraced the neo-con [read Jewish
      Supremacist] agenda. His autobiography is entitled Radical Son, it
      isn't very good, but fortunately Horowitz admitted to a few things
      that make writing this paper much easier. Consider the following
      passage and then bear in mind that organized Jewry has denied in
      leading role in directing the agenda of radical black organizations.

      Talking to Huey [Huey Newton – a well known black radical] as a kind
      of equal…. emboldened me to raise yet another difficult issue. A
      strain of anti-Semitism had developed in the Party [The Black panther
      party] during the years he [Newton] was in prison. Of course, the
      Panthers were not alone among black radicals in their attacks on Jews.
      In 1966, Stokely Carmichael and the leaders of the SNCC had expelled
      whites from the civil rights organization, accusing them of being a
      fifth column inside the movement. Since Jews were a near majority of
      the whites in these organizations, and had played a strategic role in
      organizing and funding the struggle, it was clear to everyone that
      they were the primary target of the assault. This was underscored by
      the support that Carmichael and the black left gave to the Arab states
      during their 1967 attack on Israel.[6]

      "Unfortunately most people aren't aware of the fact that Israel
      preemptively attacked the Arab states on June 5, 1967, not the other
      way around. This is what I would refer to as "kosher revisionism," and
      it is quite common in the world today, as a matter a fact, it's the
      norm. Historical revisionism has developed a bad name primarily
      because kosher revisionism rules the airwaves, radio and television;
      ethnic Jews have a near monopoly on the media in all its forms, and
      for that reason, lies like Horowitz's go unnoticed by most people.
      Horowitz predictably sets up his "admission," i.e. that Jews were
      disproportionately represented in the black civil rights movement by
      first prostrating himself in such a way as to fool the reader into
      believing that he, Horowitz, was only able to influence Newton,
      because Newton, the black man in the relationship, felt that Horowitz
      was an equal. Many people will laugh at the very idea that a Jew would
      consider any black to be an equal – as a rule, Jews loathe blacks more
      than they do whites, but they find that exploiting blacks is
      advantageous to the advancement of their agenda, and it is for this
      reason, and no other, that they associate with blacks."[7]

      Later in his autobiography, Horowitz again reinforces the above lie by
      reiterating it, but in a slightly different manner, but doing so with
      the same goal in mind, to convince his reader of a lie, i.e. that the
      Arabs attacked the Israelis in 1967 and to simultaneously smear
      Arab/Muslims in general:

      I began to review events of the past to which I had paid little
      attention before, like the expulsion of the Jews from the civil rights
      movement in 1966. Jews had funded the movement, devised its legal
      strategies, and provided support for its efforts in the media and in
      the universities – and wherever else they had power. More than half
      the freedom riders who had gone to the southern states were Jews,
      although Jews constituted only 3% of the population. It was an
      unprecedented show of solidarity from one people to another. Jews had
      put their resources and lives on the line to support the black
      struggle for civil rights, and indeed two of their sons – Schwerner
      and Goodman – had been murdered for their efforts. But even while
      these tragic events were still fresh, the black leaders of the
      movement had unceremoniously expelled the Jews from their ranks. When
      Israel was attacked in 1967 by a coalition of Arab states calling for
      its annihilation, the same black leaders threw their support to the
      Arab aggressors, denouncing Zionism as racism.[8]

      Once again, the Israeli's preemptively attacked the Arabs on June 5,
      1967, not the other way around, Horowitz isn't confused, he knows
      this, but he is compelled to lie in order to fabricate history – a
      most common Jewish trait and one they have only been able to get away
      with because of their strategic stranglehold on the media and the
      publishing industry.

      The fact is, Zionism is racist, it is inherently racist, far more so
      than anything of the old Jim Crow variety. Judaism itself is a racist
      religion, it's obvious enough, the entire foundation of Judaism rests
      on the idea that Jews are a "chosen people," and the term "people"
      connotes race and "chosen," connotes exclusivity – put the two
      together and you inevitably get "racism." A no-brainer really - but an
      idea that Jews have successfully kept hidden from the Goyim cattle.

      The fact is, the Jews have exploited blacks going all the way back to
      the early 20th century, they founded, developed and financed the
      NAACP, a fact that history and political science professors are still
      too scared to admit openly, but a fact nonetheless.

      At this point, let us get serious. Let us reject, at least
      momentarily, the knee-jerk reaction to dismiss what is written below
      based upon our emotional response to it. Let us consider carefully the
      facts, let us then consider what they might mean, and in the end, let
      us consider what the ultimate ramifications of these facts may be in
      our not too distant future. When I ask for instance, what group, more
      so than any other distinguishable group, was responsible for the
      Bolshevik Revolution, and I then answer that question by saying, "it's
      the Jews stupid," don't reject it as an arbitrary response; it isn't
      arbitrary, it's an empirical fact, and one that can be easily proven
      if the reader chooses to cast aside his or her emotional response and
      to engage in a few hours of research.

      What distinct group has been ejected from more counties over the last
      two millennia than any other group? It's the Jews stupid.

      What distinct group has led more radical subversive movements within
      their host nations than any other distinguishable group? It's the Jews

      What group has consistently avoided military service, especially in
      the front lines, than any other group? It's the Jews stupid.[9]

      What group more so than any other has always had its patriotism
      questioned? It's the Jews stupid.

      What specific ethnic/religious group more so than any other has
      consistently sought to ensnare and then exploit native populations
      under the yolk of usury?

      What ethnic/religious group dominates international finance? It's the
      Jews stupid.

      What ethnic group dominates the media in Europe and North America?
      It's the Jews stupid.

      What ethnic group dominates Hollywood? It's the Jews stupid.[10]

      What ethnic group has done more to subvert true scientific inquiry in
      the sciences than any other – imbedding themselves in the disciplines
      of psychology, sociology and anthropology – and doing so in such a way
      as to hijack them and completely and totally politicize them? It's the
      Jews stupid.[11]

      What ethnic group gave us "multiculturalism," and followed that up
      with an indoctrination program that reinforced this divisive farce by
      reaching right into our job place, homes and schools via compulsory
      "diversity" and "tolerance," training programs and presentations? It's
      the Jews stupid.[12]

      Who brought us "Judeo-Christianity," a concept that erroneously
      amalgamates two distinctly different and diametrically opposed
      religious and cultural views? It's the Jews stupid.[13]

      What ethnic group has done more than any other to identify itself as
      the only real victims of Nazi Germany and the Second World War? It's
      the Jews stupid.

      What ethnic group has perpetrated one of the greatest frauds on
      mankind in the form of the so-called "holocaust?" It's the Jews
      stupid! [This is an important point – please see associated footnote][14]

      What ethnic group dominates the Russian mafia? It's the Jews stupid.

      What ethnic group dominates the pornography industry? It's the Jews

      What ethnic group is more responsible than any other for the ongoing
      sex slave trade? It's the Jews stupid.

      Members of what ethnic group intentionally attacked an American ship
      in 1967 named the USS Liberty, in what amounted to an act of war
      against the United States of America and then used their co-ethnics in
      the United States to cover that fact up? It's the Jews stupid.

      Members of what ethnic group sought to bomb American assets in Cairo
      Egypt in the 1950s and blame it on the Arabs in an attempt to frame
      them and convince Americans to financially and militarily support the
      Zionist state? It's the Jews stupid.[15]

      What group more than any other has sought to undermine Christian
      values and western civilization in an effort to divide and conquer?
      It's the Jews stupid.

      What ethnic group was overly represented in the junk bond scandals of
      the 1980s? It's the Jews stupid.[16]

      Members of what ethnic group were deeply involved in the Enron scandal
      but were able to utilize the Jewish medias influence and access to the
      American mind in such a way as to nearly eliminate their role? It's
      the Jews stupid.[17]

      This list could go on and on, it would require a tomb the size of Moby
      Dick to encompass the many crimes ethnic Jews have committed against
      Gentiles just in the last decade. The point of writing this isn't to
      convince readers that every Jew is deeply entwined in a plot to
      subvert Gentile society, but that Judaism is not a peaceful religion
      that seeks to coexist in harmony with non-Jews, the fact is Judaism is
      first and foremost a "supremacist" religion that advocates the
      dominance of non-Jews.

      Unless Gentiles become aware of the fact that Zionism is nothing but
      Judaism's latest "ism," preceded in the past by many others, i.e.
      feminism, socialism, communism, and that these "ism's" are nothing
      more than tactics used in a grand strategy to weaken our will and
      western civilization itself, we'll never get to the heart of the
      problem at hand, we'll continue to fight wars for the Jews, to kill
      for the Jews, to arrest and incarcerate people for the Jews, to
      suppress the right to free expression for the Jews, etc… etc… ad
      infinitum. The time to liberate ourselves is now.

      [2] Goebbels Diaries. Louis Lochner [1948] Pg 336.

      [3] Goebbels Diaries. Louis Lochner. [1948] Pg 183.
      [4] This author has found this individuals name to be spelled in a
      variety of ways, probably in an attempt tpo throw off ionvestigation.
      These include Leonard Liebermann, Lenard Leibermann, Lenard Lieberman,
      Leonard Lieberman.
      [5] http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0800/latinos.jews.html
      [6] Pg. 227.
      [7] Maynard, Curt. "David Horowitz, Jewish Supremacism and the
      Mechanics of How Jews Exploit Blacks." http://www.pcapostate.blogspot.com
      [8] Horowitz, David. Radical Son. Pg. 275-276.
      [9] An excellent book about the reality of so called Jewish patriotism
      and military service is War, Money and American Memory: Myths of
      Virtue, Valor and Patriotism, by Richard Earley, available on Amazon.com.
      [10] Good books on this subject, Hollywood Babylon and another book
      entitled An Empire of their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, by a
      Jew named Neal Gabler.
      [11] Excellent examples of this undeniable fact can be found in the
      trilogy written by evolutionary psychology professor Kevin MacDonald,
      Separation and its Discontents, Culture of Critique A People That
      Shall Dwell Alone.
      [12] Make no mistake – the entire Multiculturalism farce is as kosher
      as Gefilte fish on unleavened crackers – according to the Jewish owned
      Newsweek, the "primer," for "multiculturalism," itself can be traced
      to the Jewess Paula Rothenberg and her "social scientific" monstrosity
      entitled Racism and Sexism: An Integrated Study.
      [13] This author has not been able to locate any written or recorded
      sources utilizing the term "Judeo-Christianity," prior to 1940 – the
      term itself seems to be a modern invention and one forced on
      Christians via the media and Jewish influence. Abe Foxman, Director of
      the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish Supremacist organization,
      reinforces this fact in his propaganda laced diatribe Never Again,
      when he reveals on page 146 that he got Jerry Falwell, a well known
      Christian evangelist to agree to use the term "Judeo-Christian,"
      rather than the exclusive "Christian," when referring to the
      foundation of the United States of America, i.e. This is a Christian
      [14] In the last several years many prominent historical revisionists
      [holocaust deniers to the Jews – historians by any other name] have
      been illegally arrested and deported; victims of so called
      "renditions," and imprisoned in three alleged "modern democratic"
      nations, Canada, Germany and Austria. The American public is unaware
      of this incredible injustice because the Jewish media has embraced a
      news black out when it comes to these courageous individuals. Now I
      ask the reader in all seriousness, considering everything happening in
      the world today, why would a so-called modern democratic nation
      imprison people for questioning certain aspects of the holocaust? We
      don't imprison people for claiming they've been abducted by aliens,
      for stating that the Pope and Opus Dei are behind all the evils in the
      world, for questioning the veracity of past American Presidents, etc…
      why are we throwing people that question certain aspects of history as
      it relates to Jews into prison? Answer: It's the Jews stupid – The
      story that we have been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe and to
      accept on faith with religious fervor is mostly a lie. The Jews and
      the media would have you believe that so called holocaust deniers deny
      that the Germans persecuted Jews and/or that the Germans never
      imprisoned Jews in concentration camps. Surprise, there isn't a single
      revisionist that denies these facts – they do however question the
      near holy number of 6 million and the idea that the Germans
      systematically gassed Jews in "gas chambers," in Poland during the
      Second World War. Did you know that for 45 years a commemorative
      plaque sat at Auschwitz claiming that 4 millions Jews had died in the
      camp and that this plaque was changed with absolutely no fanfare in
      1990 to another plaque that claims only 1.5 million? FACT: If it
      hadn't been for the hard work and dedication of historical
      revisionists, people like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Siegfried
      Verbeke, Manfred Roeder, Bradley Smith, Fred Leuchter and many, many
      others, that plaque would never have been changed. In the end, only a
      fool wouldn't consider the likelihood that the real reason these
      historians have been jailed is because they have been on the right
      track all along and there are people out there, predominantly Jews,
      that do not want others to know what these individuals have to say.
      [15] See information on the Lavon Affair – do a google search, there
      is a great deal of info on this crime, the Israeli's essentially admit
      what they did, it's not a state secret.
      [16] Read about Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky, both Jews, and both
      Junk Bond Kings.
      [17] The primary witness to turn states evidence against Ken Lay and
      Jeffrey Skilling was the Jew Andy Fastow who worked closely with the
      largest holders of Enron stock, the Jewish Belfer family. For more
      information on these facts, see Michael Collins Piper's excellent
      book, The New Jerusalem.



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