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3129Senior Sunni cleric killed in Iraq

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    Nov 30, 2004
      Senior Sunni cleric killed in Mosul:
      The cleric was a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars

      Monday 22 November 2004, 15:42 Makka Time, 12:42 GMT


      A senior Sunni Muslim cleric has been killed in a drive-by shooting
      in the northern city of Mosul, medical sources say.

      Assailants in a vehicle shot Shaikh Faidh Muhammad Amin al-Faidhi as
      he was leaving a place of worship in Mosul's al-Rifaq district at
      about 9am (0600 GMT) on Monday.

      "The cleric was shot four times, in his chest and abdomen, and died
      shortly after he was transferred to hospital," said Abd al-Jabbar
      Muhammad, a doctor at Madinat al-Tib hospital.

      The cleric was a member of influential Iraqi Muslim body the
      Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS), and the brother of the
      organisation's spokesman in Baghdad, Muhammad Bashar al-Faidhi.

      The AMS has called for a boycott of elections planned for 30
      January. It says its members have been targeted by US and Iraqi
      security forces and also by armed fighters trying to fuel sectarian

      The AMS was formed after Saddam Hussein's ousting last year by US-
      led forces to try and fill a political vacuum among Sunnis. It
      maintains ties with anti-US Shia groups, such as the movement led by
      leader Muqtada al-Sadr.

      Bodies found

      Also in Mosul, four bodies, at least three of them Iraqi soldiers,
      were found in the past 24 hours by the US military, a US army
      officer said on Monday.

      "We found them at 2300 (2000 GMT on Sunday). They had been dead for
      at least a couple of hours and their bodies set against the
      sidewalk, shot in the head and hands tied," Lieutenant Colonel
      Michael Kurilla said, adding that three of them were confirmed as
      being Iraqi soldiers.

      The bodies were found near the al-Yarmuk roundabout, and brought to
      15 the number of Iraqi soldiers thought to have been executed by
      fighters in Iraq's third largest city over the past two days.

      Iraqi police attacked

      In a separate development, an Iraqi national guardsman was injured
      in an attack by armed fighters targeting a joint checkpoint of US
      forces and Iraqi forces on al-Dhuluaiya bridge south of Tikrit city,
      sources told Aljazeera.

      Iraqi police are often targeted
      by armed fighters

      Also in Tikrit, the purported al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad group
      distributed leaflets in al-Toz suburb, east of the city, calling on
      Iraqi national guardsmen and government departments in the area to
      refrain from going to work.

      Meanwhile, US forces arrested five Iraqi policemen and confiscated
      their weapons at a checkpoint in Ishaqi district south of Tikrit.

      US soldier killed

      Separately, an American soldier was killed in an attack in south-
      western Baghdad, the US military said on Monday.

      "A Task Force Baghdad soldier died from wounds sustained in
      an attack at about 10pm (1900 GMT) on 21 November in south-western
      Baghdad," it said in a statement, giving no more details.

      Also in Baghdad, a child was killed and four people wounded when a
      mortar shell struck a residential neighbourhood, police said.

      The mortar shell hit the Bab al-Shaikh neighbourhood, killing one
      child and wounding four people, including a woman, a policeman on
      the scene said.

      Baghdad has been rocked by daily violence, including car bomb,
      roadside bomb, rocket and mortar attacks mainly aimed at US or Iraqi
      military targets but which often kill Iraqi civilians.



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