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  • I see that Comcast just shut down all personal webpages. Try this link: www.googledrive.com/host/0BxuuzrjtoD--cFFnczBYNVVWdzQ
    wuhu_software@... Nov 6
  • John, To my knowledge that was an old requirement before I updated the TeeChart ActiveX control a long time ago. I would guess at least 4-5 years ago. An easy test would be to install where there is no printer and make sure that an error is not reported. If there was some thing lingering in that old installshield regarding a printer I sure do not remember it. Heath
    wuhu_software@... Nov 6
  • John, That would be great. I believe there are just a few activeX objects that need to be registered using regserver32. I believe you actually should have everything to do it. You would just install to like WUHU2 to get the blank setup then write the installer. Heath
    wuhu_software@... Oct 24
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  • The old install-shield installer has been known to conflict with other processes although I do not have any list of applications that cause conflicts. I have seen problems with Google applications. You might try re-booting the machine in to safe mode, perform the install, then go back to a regular boot. That should bypass most of the services and add-ons that are loaded up when...
    wuhu_software@... Oct 21
  • If you can afford the pricing the Davis Vue looks good. I am not sure what a package deal goes for these days.
    wuhu_software@... Sep 12
  • What type of station do you have? You can try running WUHU.exe as an administrator to see if that INI file is the problem. What changes in the settings are you needing to make? Are you changing the port # to use for example? If the settings are not being retained across runs then it is a permissions issue. Some stations have a logger and WUHU might be trying to read out the history...
    wuhu_software@... Sep 12
  • Are the settings not being retained? It is probably a permissions problem where WUHU is trying to write a INI file stored in the program folder.
    wuhu_software@... Sep 12
  • No wind sensor though. https://www.bloomsky.com/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=mobile&utm_content=Remark+Look+US18&utm_campaign=links
    wuhu_software@... Sep 11
  • What version of the software are you installing?
    wuhu_software@... Sep 9
  • Do you have TeamViewer on the machine?
    wuhu_software@... Aug 13