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  • If my console has the data, WUHU does upload data retrieved from the console to Weather Underground. It has worked fine for me with a LaCrosse station as well as my Davis station. I would suspect something other than the software. You do need to exit WUHU completely,then start WUHU, not just stop it and re-start it, at least that is what I have noticed. Steve
    steve_03222@... May 24
  • I noticed the error yesterday afternoon and passed it along to WU. They found their issue late morning today and fixed it. It was at their end. Steve
    steve_03222@... May 7
  • Maybe refresh folks thoughts with the type of station, type of connections. I am sure someone will be able to assist you. Post maybe a few more lines form your error log. Steve
    steve_03222@... Mar 8
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  • Mine is up to date, have you checked other cams in your area to see if theirs are older pics also? Steve
    steve_03222@... Feb 25
  • You might want to check this out if you have not already seen this. http://www.popsci.com/hows-weather-over-there?dom=fb&src=SOC
    steve_03222@... Jan 17
  • Yup, that is what I am asking. I get a list of 7 extra sensor temperatures all of which have false values that never change. In addition my sight is sending a soil temperature to WU. of 23 that never changes. That is not one of the values displayed. No neighbor with a Davis Steve
    steve_03222@... Jan 14
  • Wondering if some folks that have a Davis VP2, especially wireless, could do me a favor. Could you mouse over the current temperature and tell me what shows up on the dialog popup box? I appreciate your assistance in advance, Thanks, Steve
    steve_03222@... Jan 14
  • Yes not everyone re-sets at the beginning of the year, some do. For some they use the Water Year..... The term U.S.Geological Survey " water year " in reports that deal with surface- water supply is defined as the 12-month period October 1, for any given year through September 30, of the following year . The water year is designated by the calendar year in which it ends and which...
    steve_03222@... Jan 6
  • Perhaps for some strange reason it has switched Comm Ports. I believe I have read of that happening on this forum. Maybe try your other comm ports. Steve
    steve_03222@... Jan 5
  • Wanted to wish all a safe and Happy New Year. A special Thank You to the author of WUHU for all that he does for this community. In his spare time he developed what I consider to be the BEST software for PWS's, Oh and he made it available to all of us for free!!! WOW. Over the years he has listened to our suggestions and quickly implemented improvements for US! Another great year...
    steve_03222@... Jan 1