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Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: CWOP servers

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  • DKee, K5KEE
    Looks like CWOP-3 is up and running ... they re making great strides the past few days to get everything tended to. ~ Deb ... -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 12, 2008
      Looks like CWOP-3 is up and running ... they're making great strides the past few days to get everything tended to.
      ~ Deb

      On Feb 11, 2008 7:12 PM, DKee, K5KEE <debkee@...> wrote:
      Here's where I got it, which I'm sure you saw already, Steve. Perahps we'll see CWOP-3 by the end of the evening - or tomorrow at least since the email below was from last night:

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Gerry Creager <gerry.creager@...>
      Date: Feb 10, 2008 11:21 PM
      Subject: [wxqc] CWOP-2 is up
      To: Discussion of weather data quality issues <wxqc@...>

      Earlier this evening, CWOP-2 went live in Billings MT.  It's entered
      into cwop.aprs.net.

      I'd encourage all who haven't done so to make sure they're pointed
      toward cwop.aprs.net for their rotation, and to ensure that they are
      looking at the current server list, to restart their client software.

      cwop.aprs.net currently includes CWOP-1 and CWOP-2, as well as the THIRD
      and FOURTH core servers.  As we gain confidence in our configurations,
      we will remove THIRD and FOURTH over the next several days from the
      round-robin DNS configuration.  We anticipate adding a third
      CWOP-dedicated server in the next 24 hours.

      Please direct comments/questions to me.
      Regards, Gerry
      Gerry Creager -- gerry.creager@...
      Texas Mesonet -- AATLT, Texas A&M University
      Cell: 979.229.5301 Office: 979.458.4020 FAX: 979.862.3983
      Office: 1700 Research Parkway Ste 160, TAMU, College Station, TX 77843
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          73's  de   K5KEE   Deborah
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