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  • Tony
    Hello Karl, thanks for all. ... actionfile. ... Can you explain me how i must do ? Any example ??? ... one ... from the ... I have installed WUHU in all my
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 27, 2007
      Hello Karl,
      thanks for all.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, Karl Kingston
      <kkingsto@...> wrote:
      > But you COULD use the commandline conversion program in an
      Can you explain me how i must do ?
      Any example ???

      > What I would really like to see is WUHU NOT get bloated with extra
      > features.
      > When you start adding in extras, it generates overhead. And I for
      > thing would hate the overhead-which is why I hated HeavyWeather
      from the
      > get-go--slowed my machine down too much.
      I have installed WUHU in all my computers.
      I run WUHU also under Wine ( a Windows Emulator for Linux )
      and i think wuhu is the best software. A little CPU usage and more
      features then other commercial softwares don't have.
      I am only trying to suggest some features to became WUHU the most
      used software.
      If there is an english User Manual for wuhu, can you send me ???
      I am very happy to translate in italian language and insert in my
      website. I have write all features i know about wuhu in a italian
      weather forum.
      I hope more people will use wuhu.
      This software was suggested me from a RadioAmateur friend and i want
      to suggest it to all RadioAmateur weather stations like me.
      I hope, one day, wuhu, contains a language file, so i can
      partecipate for italian translation.
      Excuse me for this long message, but i really interested to the best
      Can you help me for file conversion ?

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