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Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Heavy Weather Pro 1.1

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  • Tek Roo
    Curses! Okay, back to looking for the XP disk, along with a more powerful processor/motherboard... I know there is one around here somewhere, if only it ll
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 25, 2006
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      Okay, back to looking for the XP disk, along with a more powerful processor/motherboard...  I know there is one around here somewhere, if only it'll fit in the box I want to use...


      On 1/25/06, wuhu_software <wuhu_software@...> wrote:

      As far as I understand it WUHU works with Pro 1.1 in that Pro outputs
      the currdat.lst file as the Heavyweather Beta 2.0 does.

      Also, I believe WUHU can monitor the history.dat produced by Pro 1.1.

      Unfortunetly WUHU does not work with the Windows 98 or Me series.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, Tek Roo <tek.roo@g...>

      > Here's a question I'm going to have to ask sooner or later: Is WUHU
      > compatible with Heavy Weather Pro 1.1?  I know from a previous post
      that the
      > format of the history files are different, but I've yet to read
      > that this has been taken into account.  I didn't exactly start this
      > with compatibility in mind, since I didn't know of CWOP or WUHU or
      any of
      > that other stuff when I bought the weather station, and only
      learned of such
      > things when I stopped by a local Radio Shack to buy a mast for the
      > guage.  Everything has been done in an order that is reverse from
      what would
      > have made sense really...
      > Status Report:  I'm still trying to get the weather station to work
      > some form of computer.  I decided to build up a seperate computer
      with a
      > proper serial port from spare parts to run the station from since
      I'd rather
      > not have my main computer on all the time (it's big, and a power
      hog), and
      > I'd rather have the weather terminal in the living room instead of
      > computer room.  Just finished the chicken-and-egg routine of
      getting a bare
      > bones computer to recognise a CD-ROM so I can load an operating
      system, and
      > now I'm trying to get a wireless card that will run under Windows
      98 First
      > Edition (Don't think the limited resources will work with WinXP,
      and can't
      > find the XP disk anyway), or maybe I'll go wired LAN until I find
      one and
      > put up with a cable running from one room to the other.  Today's
      > trip will determine the path I take.
      > Richard

      Weather underground Personal weather station Weather stations
      Standard edition


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