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Re: [wuhu_software_group] WU and Firefox

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  • Tek Roo
    Thanks for the info! Richard H. Brant
    Message 1 of 13 , Sep 25 6:28 PM
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      Thanks for the info!

      Richard H. Brant

      On 9/25/06, John Celenza <john.celenza@...> wrote:

      Hi Folks,
      We had a server problem Friday that caused our style sheets to not load correctly.
      I bet your Firefox "cached" the broken style information. In the future, if you hold shift and click the refresh button on the tool bar, that should reload the style and fix the page.
      This is good to know for other sites too if they load incorrectly.  It's always good to refresh all of the content.
      On 9/24/06, DKee <debkee@...> wrote:

      Good to hear, Richard!

      I'd cleared the cache as well and didn't get any changes, but I didn't reboot afterwards. I'd rebooted twice before then with no results. So I'm thinking the cache didn't completely clear for whatever reason. It simply cleared up on it's own.  Or, it's that resident gremlin.  :-)

      ~ Deborah

      On 9/24/06, Tek Roo <tek.roo@...> wrote:

      There must have been a page corruption for a short period of time that we both loaded during that period and it got stuck in the cache.  I was still having the problem this morning so I cleared the cache and it's back to normal!

      Richard H. Brant

      John Celenza
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