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Re: [wuhu_software_group] v208 Beta4. Experimental graphing feature.

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    I am looking for powerfull weather prediction software. Can anyone make a recomendation? Jeff ... From: wuhu_software All, I have
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      I am looking for powerfull weather prediction software. Can anyone make a recomendation? Jeff
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      From: "wuhu_software" <wuhu_software@...>


      I have created a new version available for beta testing that
      incorporates graphing of the weather data (last 24 hours).

      In order to run this version, you must have a printer attached to
      your system (See Control Panel/Printers) . This is due to a bug in the
      graph control version I am using. Hopefully I can properly address
      this problem soon.


      To graph, you select either minutes or hours, enter a starting time
      and ending time, then hit graph.

      A starting time of 0 is given special meaning. In this case, the
      graphs will be kept live as new data arrives.

      Specifying a non-zero start time will not update the graphs. For
      instance if you graph the last 1 to 20 hours, the graphs will be
      displayed, but will not be kept up to date as new data arrives. You
      will be able to pan and zoom even though the data is not live.


      1) If you graph a large amount of data (say 0 to 24 hours, and you
      are using direct serial), you will have CPU spikes when new data is
      displayed. Experiment will different time ranges to get an idea of
      how much CPU is used on your machine.

      2) If the graph does not seem to update, make sure you are un-zoomed
      from the graph that is not updating.

      3) I do not yet have a key displayed for the colors of each of the
      variables, that will probably be added later. There are also no
      labels on the axis. Double click each chart to see what data is
      displayed. Also, see hint at top of chart page for graphing functions.

      4) There is print capability but I have not added it yet.

      If you test the application, please let me know if you have any

      Download page:

      http://home. comcast.net/ ~wuhu_software/

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