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Re: [wuhu_software_group] Website configuration...

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  • Don Lafferty
    My site is at http://winnetkaweather.com Looks like you re doing John s site. Try to get it looking plain and then add the other stuff. Here s my action line
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2013
      My site is at http://winnetkaweather.com

      Looks like you're doing John's site.  Try to get it looking plain and then add the other stuff.

      Here's my action line on the action Weather Update.
      actionfile:"C:\Program Files\WUHU\ActionFile\action.txt"

      Here's my action file.  

      time(00:00,23:59,@5):template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx1.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\index.html"
      time(00:00,23:59,@5):template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx2.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx2.html"
      time(00:00,23:59,@5):template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx3.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx3.html"
      time(00:00,23:59,@5):template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx4.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx4.html"
      time(00:00,23:59,@5):template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx5.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx5.html"
      time(00:00,23:59,@5):template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx6.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx6.html"
      time(00:00,23:59,@5):template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx7.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx7.html"
      time(00:00,23:59,@5):ftp://username:password@... "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\index.html" "/httpdocs/index.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx2.html" "/httpdocs/wx2.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx3.html" "/httpdocs/wx3.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx4.html" "/httpdocs/wx4.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx5.html" "/httpdocs/wx5.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx6.html" "/httpdocs/wx6.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx7.html" "/httpdocs/wx7.html"

      On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 1:56 PM, Tony R <tony@...> wrote:

      Hello all - I am at my wits end, I dont like feeling this way, but I am so exhausted with trying to figure this out.
      Creating a website with the WUHU data...
      Here is what my Action.txt files has:
      template:"C:\Program Files\WUHU\templates\csv.txt" "C:\Program Files\WUHU\data\data.csv"
      template:"C:\Program Files\WUHU\templates\highsandlows.txt" "C:\Program Files\WUHU\data\HighsAndLows.htm"
      copy:"C:\Program Files\WUHU\data\data.csv" "C:\wwwroot\weatherdata\data.csv"
      copy:"C:\Program Files\WUHU\data\HighsAndLows.txt" "C:\www.kbaam.com\wuhu\HighsAndLows.htm"
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client\filezilla.exe" "%OutdoorTempDegF%"
      ftp://randaza1awu@... "C:\Program Files\WUHU\data\data.csv" "\data\data.csv"
      ftp:/randaza1awu@... "C:\Program Files\WUHU\data\*.*" "\data\"

      // = used just for the sake of reading the coding. They are not in the actual text file.

      Now its seems as though, the information is updating to the directory c:\programs Files\WUHU\HTML and it is creating an index.hmtl file, but it is not automatically sending the information to my site which is suppose to be http://www.kbaam.com/wuhu/

      If you do go to this actual site you will see information there, but its because:

      1. I manually ftp'd the files. I didnt think I would need to do this for one.
      2. I thought this would be automatic, utilizing the string above
      3. If you go to my site, www.kbaam.com/wuhu look closely you will notice along the top of the page, i have garble information, and none of the stats are showing up either, it just, well, code.

      I have honestly been working on this for 4-5 days now and just dont see where the problem is...can someone please give me some assistance or some help.
      I appreciate all in advance..

      The day Microsoft starts making vacuum cleaners is the day they start making something that doesn't suck.
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