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  • Bob Tyszka
    Shades of 1985! I was stationed in Cheyenne 1983-85. We went back east to visit family and we were in Milwaukee visiting my oldest brother when I saw the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 18, 2011
          Shades of 1985!  I was stationed in Cheyenne 1983-85.  We went back east to visit family and we were in Milwaukee visiting my oldest brother when I saw the headline about flood hits Cheyenne.  At the time we were living in a mobile home on Prosser Ave and were trying to buy a house in Buffalo Ridge.  Windmill Ave was washed out at Dell Range that day.  A co-worker had his new Corvette decimated by the hail.

          I emailed a couple of friends back there last week about the storm.  One out on Happy Jack was OK and so was the meteorologist in town.  Glad to here everyone is all right, the damage can be repaired.

      Bob Tyszka
      California City, CA
      CW9012 / KCACALIF5

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      On 7/18/11 1:07 PM, Tek Roo wrote:

      Hey there! Haven't had much to say for quite some time (got a really crappy work schedule), but just thought I'd stop by and share my recent weather related drama!

      Back on the 12th, we had a bit of a hail storm blow through! I was in town (Cheyenne) having dinner with some friends, where the hail was pretty bad as well, but texts started coming through from the roommate back at the house about what was apparently an even WORSE hail storm! The local paper has since called it the worst hail storm in ten years and insurance companies could be out over twenty five million dollars (several thousand or more from me alone).

      Though the frozen solids falling at high speed did all the damage, you can get an idea of the intensity of the storm from the fact that the rain gauge on my WMR-968 had reported 2.8 inches of rain just before it was destroyed by the hail.

      Vegetable garden looked like it had been run over by a dull lawn mower, rain gutters destroyed, holes poked in the siding, lawn STILL pockmarked, three vents and a skylight in my trailer busted out, pickup truck and 1975 Series III Land Rover all dented up with a few extra cracks in the pickup's windshield, solar lawn lights all destroyed... We found hail stones that were an inch and a half in diameter THE NEXT DAY!

      Yay for weather, eh? Made the last insurance company related appointment this morning so now all I gotta do is wait! They have so far given me the okay to get the trailer fixed and the windshield on the truck replaced, but people at work are reporting that in many cases their insurance companies are just declaring their vehicles 'totaled', so no point in getting the windshield fixed just yet! The truck has been falling apart anyway. I'm keeping the Land Rover regardless though -- should be easy to get most of the dents out since the body is only a single layer of aluminum.

      Just a few photos:

      Out front of Old Chicago in Cheyenne:

      My rain gutters:

      One of many holes in the siding:

      Dents are difficult to photograph. Just imagine the entire vehicle covered in stuff that looks like this:


      Oh, and my anemometer is missing a cup -- gotta replace that before I forget...


      Richard H. Brant


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