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Re: Pressure varies with temperature

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  • Rick
    Cwop doesn t say EXACTLY what stations they use to get their analysis lie, but I suspect if the station near you is doing pretty well, I d stay fairly close to
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 18, 2011
      Cwop doesn't say EXACTLY what stations they use to get their analysis lie, but I suspect if the station near you is doing pretty well, I'd stay fairly close to his barometer reading.

      Here I have two airports with in 20 miles One is very accurate the other gets flaky with its public data to CWOP I tend to be a bit closer in distance to the flaky data but I keep my settings fairly close to the more reliable bigger airport.



      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "david.bell@..." <yahoo@...> wrote:
      > The nearest airport station is 20 miles away at 125 ft altitude.
      > I'm at 1760 feet altitude.
      > My nearest 'weather neighbor' in CWOP is 1.7 miles away at 1750ft (a recent addition, I think). His pressure is tracking pretty well with the MADIS prediction data.
      > Next nearest is 8.4 miles away at 500 ft
      > 3rd nearest is 13 miles away at about 1000 ft.
      > Nearby station seems to track fairly closely with the airport pressure (and MADIS). Mine is the one that seems to be going off base.
      > When temp swings aren't so radical (May-September, and Nov-Feb), and I dial in a value that is within the midst of the airport and other local stations, I get two thumbs up for quite a while.
      > I just can't figure out how to deal with the apparent temperature dependency.
      > Perhaps I'll have to live with it until I can come up with the $ for a more accurate unit...
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      > > I have the same problem out here where I'm at. I've tried just about everything I could possibly use to get things aligned to the QC reports. I've given up on trying to make the reports happy and concentrated on ensuring that my measurements jive w/the local airport ASOS and the other barometer that I have that measures ABS pressure using the appropriate altitude correction factor. I don't think the QC system is completely accurate concerning pressure since there's way too many variables to take into account when comparing your data with nearby stations. Especially in my area where all of the CWOP stations are in areas of varying altitude(100 foot or more difference). For example my station is at 5230 feet where the airport ASOS is at 5144 feet and a neighboring station 6 miles from here is at 5541 feet.
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