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Re: GraphWeather and WUHU.

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  • wuhu_software
    Update: There are problems with wind chill and dew point that need to be resolved before we should bother to proceed. Thanks.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 2, 2010

      There are problems with wind chill and dew point that need to be resolved before we should bother to proceed.


      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "wuhu_software" <wuhu_software@...> wrote:
      > I played around with the application called GraphWeather and was able to
      > use WUHU templates to supply the application with weather data.
      > GraphWeather can then in turn generate graphic files and upload these to
      > your website at a specified frequency. In addition I believe it can
      > generate .swf flash files and has some real-time capability that I have
      > not yet played with. There also appears to be a built-in web server of
      > some sort but I have tried it yet.
      > Here is an example of a gauges graphic that is generated by GraphWeather
      > and uploaded once per minute:
      > Example Gauges <http://home.comcast.net/~wuhu_software/graph1.jpg>
      > This is an interesting application has a lot of capability. It can
      > generate gauges as well as nice looking strip charts. I suspect that
      > most users want to be able to update their charts and gauges once per
      > minute but you could take it further if you want to invest the time to
      > learn how.
      > There are a couple of quarks that I have found in the program and have
      > reported to the author. These are minor issues with the configuration
      > that I have found a way around for now.
      > The gauges and charts created by customizing .XML files called style
      > sheets. Unfortunately the pre-made style sheets are configured for
      > Metric units. This requires that you go in the XML and set things like
      > Min and Max for the gauge that are a better fit for English units. On
      > the plus side, if the pre-made style sheets are fixed up for English
      > units, they could be distributed so that each and every user need not go
      > through this exercise.
      > What I would like to do if possible is to work with someone that can do
      > a write-up on how to configure WUHU to work with GraphWeather and also
      > to update the style sheets so that they are ready to go with English
      > units.
      > I have created a template for importing the data in to GraphWeather
      > using its CSV plug-in. I have also set up the ordering of the column
      > data that I can send to you so that you do not need to go through that
      > entire process.
      > If you are very comfortable with template processing and would like to
      > take on this task of tweaking XML files and creating user documentation,
      > please let me know.
      > Thanks.
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