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RE: [wuhu_software_group] wuhu not talking

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  • Rob Reab
    I ve also been using WUHU at home (KTNCOOKE13) for a couple of years on a LaCrosse 2317. Not the best weather station on the market but a good one for the
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      I’ve also been using WUHU at home (KTNCOOKE13) for a couple of years on a LaCrosse 2317. Not the best weather station on the market but a good one for the money (< $100 for me). WUHU has given me pretty much zero problems during that period. I appreciate WUHU greatly along with the author for taking the time to create such a useful program. Being a long time computer support tech as well as having a few years of programming experience myself makes me appreciate WUHU even more.


      I recently purchased a Davis Vantage Pro 2 for my job (>$1600). A very high quality unit. After trying the software that comes with the unit for a few days, I quickly switched to WUHU and have never regretted it (KTNCOOKE16). As was my experience at home, it’s pretty much set-and-forget.


      There are all types in this world, unfortunately, we often hear more from the ignorant, uninformed, whiners than the rest (kind of like politics ;)  - Rob


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      I have been using WuHu for a couple of years and have been reading lately all of the problems that people have been having with error messages.  This morning , as usual, I checked the website to make sure I was there. Yep, I also wiped out the log again that kept telling me one of my sensors had not reported for over 300 seconds. It also has been telling me that there is no reading from the rain sensor.  Its right I don't have a rain sensor hooked up yet and that is the reason I have the  check mark that indicates it should ignore the rain sensor. I work about 28 miles from home and use the computer at work to see what the wind is. Usually around 40. So when I got to work today, I checked it. I wasn't there. OK, maybe big outage and the backup UPS didn't last long enough. Got home and everything seemed ok, except that WuHu had decided that since a couple of sensors weren't reporting, it was going to ignore ALL of the readings. I could say that that made me upset but I don't think that strong enough. Before I use WuHu I used FreeWx Wi which worked with my WMR968 very good. So I found where I had it hidden on my hdd and reloaded it an after about 5 minutes there I was. I won't have Rapidfire, but I will have a pgm that is not going to nag me worse than my exwife and for something just as trivial. And I can check additional sensors if I want. Since I have a sensors in the wellhouse and another one on the back porch, I can see what the different temps are.




      concho az


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