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FWI Calc - Fire Danger Indices

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  • wuhu_software
    I found this program while browsing the WXForum: FWI Calc It looks like a very interesting program that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2010

      I found this program while browsing the WXForum:

      It looks like a very interesting program that uses your personal weather station to perform an estimation of the probability of  wild fires.

      What you can do is pipe information to this program via a simple text file. It takes a single reading of your weather data around Noon each day. It can then send this information to the authors website and show you data on a Google map. I think he has instructions for setting up your own Google maps on your own server if you are really in to monitor the potential for wild fires.

      To have my station pipe over the needed data, I created a template file with the following contents:


      In order to use these variables, you have to be outputing the currdat.lst file (General Settings) with the write extended data option enabled.

      When WUHU processes the template, the results look like:


      The Fire Calc program will then load this file at 12:05pm and process the data. It can also be configured to send an XML  file (via built-in FTP) up to your public web space. This file is in turn polled by the author's server. This is how your data ends up on his Google map on his web site. This concept is similar to the method AWEKAS originally used before WUHU talked directly to their web server.

      The action I use to process the template is:

      time(11:55,11:55):template:"C:\FWI\FWI Template.txt" "C:\FWI\FWI.txt"

      This will only process the template at 11:55 for one minute (I have my On Update action to fire every 30 seconds to make sure it runs at least once per minute). The time limiter could be removed as the FWI Calc program has a time in it that it will decide to pick up the file. The limiter just serves to just not waste time writing the file over and over after every console update. Anyhow...

      The FWI Calc software is installed in to C:\FWI folder. The template file I created with the above mentioned variables is "FWI Template.txt" stored in C:\FWI. Finally, the resulting file, FWI.txt that is created by WUHU is placed in the C:\FWI folder.

      I then configure FWI calc to look for this file as input (See it's setup), and then have the FWI calc program automatically FTP the XML file up to my web space. Once you create an account on the FWI website, telling it where to pick up the file, it will grab the file every three minutes (from what I read). 

      It looks like an interesting program that the author has created and it should be educational.

      If you want to set up your system to use the FWI Calc application with WUHU, and you need help, post your questions here in the Yahoo Group (rather than in private email)  so that others can learn as well.


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