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RE: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Davis VantageVue

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  • Jeffrey C. Le Doux
    WeatherLink is included with the datalogger _____ From: wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com [mailto:wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
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      WeatherLink is included with the datalogger

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      WL is included with the Datalogger or is it vice-versa?

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      so do you just need the vantage vue and the datalogger to upload to the world via WUHU, or do you need to spend even more money on weatherlink software too?


      --- In wuhu_software_ group@yahoogroup s.com, "Jeffrey C. Le Doux" <jefcled@...> wrote:

      > Jaye
      > I am still confused. I have downloaded the WUHU software, I have
      my data
      > logger, I have downloaded VirtualVP and a couple of others. I
      can see the
      > station on my computer, at which point I would have expected
      it to become
      > intuitive. Somehow my USB catalogger is still not properly
      visible. I
      > guess I am just easily confused. I have printed off the
      directions from
      > Davis, and they have not even helped. I feel I am bound
      to be forever
      > confused unless someone can come up with the right step by
      step directions
      > that this old man can finally follow.
      > Thanks
      for trying,
      > Jeff L
      > KMEWILTO1
      > _____
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      Subject: Re: [wuhu_software_ group] Re: Davis VantageVue
      > Jeff,
      > To download the only
      location that has WUHU software, is from http://home.
      > <
      href="http://home.comcast.net/~wuhu_software/">http://home. comcast.net/ ~wuhu_software/> comcast.net/ ~wuhu_software/ and
      > can be found around a page down or
      two on the page. This location will
      > download the latest version of the
      WUHU software and, once installed, things
      > OUGHT to become self-evident.
      At least I hope ... here's the Download
      > site:
      > <
      href="http://home.comcast.net/~wuhu_software/files/WUHU216_32.zip">http://home. comcast.net/ ~wuhu_software/ files/WUHU216_ 32.zip>
      comcast.net/ ~wuhu_software/ files/WUHU216_ 32.zip
      I sure hope this helps to clarify the situation!
      > Jaye Ellen,
      > jaye.ellen@gmail. <mailto:jaye. ellen@...>
      > On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 12:02 PM,
      Jeffrey C. Le Doux <jefcled@beeline-
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      online.net> wrote:
      > Eric,
      > I know I am challenged, but this is driving me foolish.
      The station is
      > connected to this computer. Do you have a name for the
      software module to
      > be downloaded from wunderground? I am just
      > _____
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      Subject: [wuhu_software_ group] Re: Davis VantageVue
      > You would hit Stop, change the station type
      in the general settings, select
      > the Davis VP2 type, select the serial
      port, and hit Start.
      > If you are using a USB connection, there
      will be a new port (a virtual port)
      > that is usually COM7. If COM7 does
      not work, go to the Device Manager in
      > Windows and view the available
      serial ports (when the station is connected).
      > You probably
      cannot run the Weatherlink and WUHU software together unless
      > you buy the
      program VirtualVP that will allow you to do so.
      > --- In
      wuhu_software_ <mailto:wuhu_ software_ group%40yahoogro ups.com>
      href="mailto:group%40yahoogroups.com">group@yahoogroups. com, "jefcled" <jefcled@> wrote:
      > >
      > > How do I get my Davis
      VantageVue to upload to WUHU? Also would like to
      > have the new unit
      replace my La Crosse that uploads to CWOP.
      > > Thanks Jeff Le
      > > KMEWILTO1
      > >

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