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  • weatherbugnathan
    Hey guys, I m Nathan Parker, one of the admins and directors of the WeatherBug Backyard program, and I m happy to see that WeatherBug Backyard Publishing has
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2010
      Hey guys,

      I'm Nathan Parker, one of the admins and directors of the WeatherBug Backyard program, and I'm happy to see that WeatherBug Backyard Publishing has been integrated into the WUHU program! I'll be announcing it soon on our Backyard stations page with a link to this group so station owners can use your software to publish to our Backyard Network.

      I wanted to use this opportunity to invite you to join our WeatherBug Backyard program, which you can do so in two different ways. First of all, you can start publishing data to our WeatherBug Backyard Network directly from within WUHU. That will put your data out there on our network for millions of users to see. We've currently got it accessible from our desktop WeatherBug app and mobile site, and we're working hard to bring Backyard data to WeatherBug.com, as well as our entire mobile app platforms.

      You can also join in our WeatherBug Backyard Community at backyard.weatherbug.com. It's a great place to discuss weather using our weather groups, become a WeatherBug Backyard Reporter blogger, post photos and videos, and get help and support for WeatherBug Backyard Stations. We'd love to have as many of you aboard as possible, so feel free to join anytime!

      I've placed a link to that and another important link over in your links section. The other link is a link to a page I've created on WeatherBug Backyard entitled "Backyard Stations 101". It's our new official page for all things related to WeatherBug Backyard Stations. Right now it explains how to publish data to our network and view your station data on WeatherBug Backyard, as well as have a list of FAQ's, but eventually I'll expand it into the complete Backyard Station buyer's guide. Here's the link:


      Thanks again for adding our publishing API to your software, and if you have any questions about WeatherBug Backyard, please don't hesitate to contact me!

      Nathan Parker
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