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Re: Lacrosse 2810 anomometer vs OS WGR-968 anomometer

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  • techguy2000
    You ll need to use something more accurate than these consumer grade pieces of equipment to check which is more accurate. I have a WMR-968 and a LaCrosse 2316
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 9, 2009
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      You'll need to use something more accurate than these consumer grade pieces of equipment to check which is more accurate.

      I have a WMR-968 and a LaCrosse 2316 currently mounted on my house (the 2316 is like a 2315, except it uses wind cups instead of the evil turbine thing). The air speeds the two units show dance around each other, neither being consistently higher or lower than the other, so they're either reasonable accurate or are both inaccurate in the same way.

      I have a WMR-968 on another house that consistently reads low, but that unit is much older than the one on my current house. It's been in continuous use since (checking....) early 2002. I think in those 7.5 years I've had it lock up twice, both times being after an electrical storm. I believe it also still has the lithium batteries in it that I installed when it was first put up. When it locked up, I'd have to go up on the roof and unplug and plug back in the sensor wire from the sender.

      Something in the sender of the thermo/hygro unit went bad on that WMR system last year. The solar panels on the sender seemed to be working (they put out a voltage, anyway) and I replaced both the rechargeable batteries and the non-rechargeable batteries and it'd start working, but it'd go dead in a few weeks. I think something in the electronics of the sender was drawing too much power and the solar cells couldn't keep up.


      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, Steve Smith <steve@...> wrote:
      > I'm in the process of moving from a OS WMR-968 to a Lacrosse 2810.
      > The reason is that I have replaced my WGR-968 anomometer once already and
      > the second one is starting to require resets every now and then (I'm loosing
      > connection to the console). This isn't good because it requires a trip up
      > on the roof and it's winter in Denver.. It's good for anywhere from 2-3
      > days to 2-3 weeks then I loose it again. I have 2 consoles and loose
      > connection to both so I know it's the anomometer. $75 for another new
      > anomometer or $80 for a new weather station, I got a new weather station.
      > Anyway, right now I have both stations installed. The anomometers are
      > positioned below each other on a pole attached to the roof about 6' over the
      > peak.
      > Watching the readings - the OS consistently reads higher then the LaC
      > version. The winds have been fairly light lately, About 20% difference in
      > the light winds.
      > If you look at Saturday's readings, you can see somewhat the trend - I
      > switched to the Lacrosse at ~4:00 pm
      > http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=KCOLITTL16&month=12&day=5&year=2009
      > I'm using Heavy Weather to create the currdat file and using wuhu to
      > upload. I have the Lacrosse set to send data to the computer every 1
      > minute,
      > What's goofy is that I don't know of the OS has been reading high for years
      > or the Lacrosse is reading low.. Any suggestions?
      > Thanks
      > Steve
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