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Networking your weather station.

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  • Karl Kingston
    For a while now, I was running WUHU with a weird setup. Thanks to wuhu_software s help, I got things working. Wasn t flawless but it worked great (when it
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2009
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      For a while now, I was running WUHU with a weird setup. Thanks to
      wuhu_software's help, I got things working. Wasn't flawless but it worked
      great (when it worked).

      Basically, what I did was take a NetCom 111 serial server, connected it to
      an Linksys Access Point. This way, with my PC in the basement (and not
      anywhere close to get the signal from the WS-2310 station wirelessly
      (don't want to go wired).

      Hooked up the station near the backdoor of the house, and verified it got
      all of the data from the remote sensors. Hooked up the NetCom 111 to the
      base station and set up the access point (wireless). Installed the
      software on the PC and voila! I see the comport show up. Open up WUHU and
      connect. All works well.

      But the downside to this is there may or may not be a timing issue
      somewhere (we think there is). So, working with wuhu_software, we managed
      to get the latest version working (I couldn't work with anything past Beta

      So it was a little funky.

      While looking for drivers, I noticed that VSCOM.DE (this is the company
      that made the NetCom 111) had a device called the NetUSB-400i. Since I
      had a Prolific USB-to-serial Comm Port device, which worked well with the
      base station, I figured why not?

      Ordered the device from


      (seems like I took the last one) for $83. Device arrived today.

      Hooked this up and removed the NetCom 111 from the setup. Just right out
      of the box "It Works!!!!".

      So if anybody was thinking of doing something similar, this method looks
      like it'd be the ticket.

      Kinda wonder if it'd work with the USB stations also... One of these
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