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Re: [wuhu_software_group] La Crosse 2316U & WUHU Software

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  • Don
    After looking closer I see that you are correct and I was misled by the weathershack.com site. When you buy it from them they include the usb to serial
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 3, 2009
      After looking closer I see that you are correct and I was misled by the weathershack.com site.  When you buy it from them they include the usb to serial adapter which made me think it was USB.  The U at the end of the name also made me think that.  On the LaCrosse website the 2316U says it uses a COM port which would be serial.

      Norman E. Avila G. wrote:

      Tom and Don, I have just bought several WS2316 and as I told you is the same Serial cable of the WS2315 and an additional serial to usb, so if you plan to go directly make sure have a com port and don´t use the adapter, even if u use it the adaptor will give you a com to your pc so will be the same,

      I already tested both, directly to a comp port or via an adaptor (give me a com3) and it works without wuhu.


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      On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 11:43 AM, Don <don@donlafferty. com> wrote:

      I believe you will need to purchase a USB to Serial adapter if you want to run WUHU without running Heavy Weather.  In other words you would run WUHU in Serial  mode and wouldn't even need to install Heavy Weather.  Most of us(I think) use WUHU that way.  Some prefer to have the stuff you get with Heavy Weather but I've found uploading to Weather Underground gives me everything I could possibly want.

      Last I heard there are a few USB to Serial adapters that are known to work with WUHU and you could probably find them using the search option here.  Most of them should work but I've read a few people having issues with certain ones.

      Again, you don't need to do that if you want to run Heavy Weather as WUHU will upload the file that HW creates and doesn't really have to use the Direct Serial option.  It's just Heavy Weather is kind of a resource hog and having something running 24/7 that's like that might not be to your liking.  WUHU has a very small footprint.

      If anything I said didn't confuse you then great.  ;)  Ask questions if you want to know more.


      Tom wrote:

      From reading the product description I'm under the impression that it connects directly into a USB port without an adapter. In the table of contents a PC USB connection Cable is listed but no adapter.

      Hi, yes indeed, I guess the USB conection is an adapter, you can use it directly via the serial port or with the HeavyWeather


      Norman E. Avila G.

      Hello All,

      I am planning to buy the La Crosse 2316U which uses an USB connection and comes with Heavy Weather Pro. Will I be able to run the WUHU Software?


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