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Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Data not being sent

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  • Bob Tyszka
    Thanks Randy. I will give it a try. :-) Bob T.
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 22 7:39 AM
      Thanks Randy.  I will give it a try.  :-)

      Bob T.

      Randy wrote:

      Bob, I totally agree with Don on the log me in software. Takes
      about 5 minutes to install on your computer and your daughter could easily do that and then you can have full access to your home computer. I have the free version on all my computers and on my parents computers. Smartest thing I ever did. I can even access it using the WIFI at work from my Pocket PC 2003 handheld. Works with just about every OS except palm. It is just like being on the computer.

      Randy Z

      --- In wuhu_software_ group@yahoogroup s.com, Bob Tyszka <baluncru@.. .> wrote:
      > My data is not being sent through WUHU, I think. I am currently on
      > vacation and cannot see what is running. When I look at the weather
      > sites, my data is not reported. My daughter said that the power went
      > out the other day and she rebooted the computer. It looks like the
      > Quake Catcher Network data is getting out, so it looks like the computer
      > is running and transmitting. WUHU is set up to start automatically when
      > the computer starts.
      > Now the monkey wrench in the problem. Before leaving on vacation I
      > switched out LaCrosse 2308 consoles. The original was giving weird
      > pressure drops every day, almost the same time. I ordered a new console
      > and let sit for a couple of days to climatize then swapped out.
      > Everything appeared to be running fine.
      > I too, am concerned about the station registration, since I will not
      > be home for about 10 days.
      > Thanks;
      > *Bob Tyszka
      > California City, CA
      > CW9012 / KCACALIF5
      > *

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