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Re: Computer off...no records

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  • Jules
    Thank you for the idiot steps. Just what I needed! lol. Now i know what this mythical serial mode is........I think. Jules
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      Thank you for the 'idiot' steps. Just what I needed! lol. Now i know what this mythical serial mode is........I think.


      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "wuhu_software" <wuhu_software@...> wrote:
      > If you run Heavyweather, 3rd party programs cannot access the records
      > stored in the console.
      > Try running WUHU or WD in direct serial mode (stop using Heavyweather).
      > From the user manual:
      > WUHU User Manual by John Liss
      > <http://www.lissproductions.com/wuhumanual/>
      > ---
      > What is "Direct Serial Mode" and how do I set it up?
      > WUHU can communicate directly with the weather station console or it can
      > take the data from Heavyweather 2.0 Beta. The disadvantage in taking the
      > data from Heavyweather 2.0 Beta is that you have to have both WUHU and
      > Heavyweather 2.0 Beta programs. Heavyweather 2.0 Beta has been known to
      > be a CPU hog and on slower systems it might be necessary to shutdown and
      > use WUHU's "Direct Serial Mode" feature.
      > Because WUHU can communicate directly with the weather station console,
      > this eliminates the need for Heavyweather 2.0 Beta. This is known as
      > "Direct Serial Mode."
      > Follow your installation guide for your weather system to connect your
      > weather station to a serial port (COM Port).
      > Once you have your hardware connected, make sure that you do not have
      > Heavyweather 2.0 Beta running.
      > Note:
      > Make sure you remove Heavyweather 2.0 Beta from the Startup menu so it
      > doesn't launch when you reboot.
      > Configuring WUHU for Direct Serial Mode
      > 1. Stop running Heavyweather 2.0 Beta. If you added a shortcut to
      > Heavyweather 2.0 Beta in your startup folder (so that it runs on boot)
      > remove the shortcut.
      > 2. At the main WUHU screen hit the Stop button so you can make
      > changes in the General Settings.
      > 3. In the General Settings, in the first combo box, select your
      > weather station type, ie "WS-23XX Direct Serial Access". To the right of
      > the combo box, select the serial port that the console is connected to.
      > 4. Press the Start button on the main WUHU screen.
      > --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "Jules" <jules50uk@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Someone suggested that i upgrade to Weather Display and that most of
      > you used this in preference to heavy weather, so i am now running the
      > trial and it is nice.
      > > BUT.....I still don't get the records/graphs etc fro when my PC is
      > switched off! What's the point of that. I know my WS-2350 stores up to
      > 170 or so record, why don't these download to my graphs and records when
      > i switch on the PC in the morning. I don't want to warm the world up any
      > more by leaving my computers on all night. But to only be able to view
      > the records from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening is a bit
      > pointless. Surely the designers of these things have thought of that??
      > > Jules
      > >
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