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Please read - children learning weather need your help FREE weather Team web sit

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  • ronwildfire
    To the many men and women who use his site.. Children across North America need your help. THis is a free weather team site. You can sign up and get you own
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2009
      To the many men and women who use his site.. Children across North
      America need your help. THis is a free weather team site. You can
      sign up and get you own weather team page etc. We have thousands of
      children on the site daily asking questions about weather, and where
      they live. You all can help answer weather questions in your local

      If you work with students,or anyone, you know that they've gone "ga-
      ga" for the "social" pages on the internet. You know the sites—the
      ones with "---space", and "---book" in their names. Kids love these
      sites because they can publish their own comments, pictures and
      videos. They are in control—they pick the topics and they choose the

      When properly supervised, there's nothing wrong with these sites.
      Problem is—THEY are kids!
      A quick scan of these social pages shows that kids are spending a
      tremendous amount of valuable time, preparing elaborate
      presentations, on topics that have little or no long-term value for
      the kids who spend all that time.

      Don't you wish that you could direct some of that time, and all of
      that technical know-how, toward something more productive? Well, now
      you can!

      AccuWeather, the world's leading internet weather provider, and the
      World's Weather Authority™, has created a special interest site for
      Kids Weather and you can use this site in your school and in your
      classroom--- and it's FREE!

      AccuWeather.com For Kids (AccuKidz) is a FREE interactive website
      that helps children learn about the weather, photography, video
      production, science, art, and much more.

      It's A Place To Post Your Work For The World To See – Kids (and
      adults) can post their pictures and videos of local weather, science
      projects, and special community interest events.

      A Place To Create Your Own AccuKidz Team And Get Your Own Dedicated
      Page – Your photos, your local weather, and your projects will be
      presented together. Choose your own Team Name, and use the page to
      coordinate special projects, to collect and share data, to present
      reports, news—whatever you wish!

      A Way To Communicate With Kids And Teams Everywhere – Use the free
      forums to ask questions, compare ideas, or share weather and
      community happenings with AccuKidz Teams and members from all over
      the world.

      A No-Cost Way To Coordinate Classroom Projects – Make AccuKidz the
      focal point to distribute class project details, sources of data, to
      collect experimental results, to run your own weather projects, and

      The content, accuracy and value of the materials on AccuKidz is
      supported by the AccuWeather Staff of over 100 meteorologists and
      over 250 support professionals who have made AccuWeather the World's
      Weather Authority™. AccuWeather provides weather services to more
      than 10,000 clients in the media, businesses, education, and
      government. AccuWeather is the leader in weather forecasting,
      modeling, and delivery of weather information via the internet.

      Literally Millions of Weather Maps Plus Radar and Satellite Imaging –
      Current and historical maps of conditions and forecasts, plus
      historical maps of significant events all over the world are
      available for student projects and use in the classroom.

      Data on Trends, and Historical Averages – Facts, figures, graphs and
      charts on temperatures, precipitation, and other numbers that
      students can use for research, and projects.

      Discussions, Explanations, Presentations – Articles, forums and
      special features prepared by the leading team of weather experts in
      the world—all to make our weather, our climate and forecasting
      understandable to everyone.

      Contests, Free Games, And More – Weather-related materials that
      challenge and teach students.

      Special Interest Focus Areas – Materials that "connect the dots" and
      show how the weather affects our lives in gardening, sports,
      transportation, safety, and more.

      A FREE Web Page For Your School or Classroom Team – Don't have the
      budget for a website? Use AccuKidz!

      AccuKidz is provided completely free of charge as part of
      AccuWeather's commitment to our kids and our communities.

      Expert Site Monitoring and Control Plus Web Tools – A web page for
      you to use without the hassle of content monitoring, and, with no
      technical maintenance! Upload, editing, and presentation tools are
      provided for you. Photos, video, and presentations can be posted by
      anyone. Inappropriate content is monitored and edited for you. All
      you provide is the time and effort to design and create the content!

      Extend Your Classroom All Over The World – Your students can interact
      and collaborate with their peers everywhere on Earth that is reached
      by the internet—with no cost to you!

      Free Video Production for Teams - Free video production software, for
      those teams who sign up. videospin.com

      Who Can Benefit From AccuKidz? Some Examples:

      • Schools – All Grades – Homeschooling support – After School
      • Weather Related Organizations – Showcase your Team
      • Colleges – Make Your Team Page a Student Portfolio
      • Chambers of Commerce – Showcase your community
      • Non Profit Groups – Showcase your special interest
      • Churches – Outreach for your congregation and community
      • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts – Keeping in touch with other
      troops, and recruiting
      • Resorts, Ski, And Sports Attractions – Invite patrons to
      share pictures on your Team site after their visit
      • Tourist Attractions and Historical Sites – Bring an awareness
      to your venue
      • Photography Clubs, Art Clubs & Groups – Share your work on a
      site where your pictures will be viewed
      • Video Production Organizations – Share your videos
      • Nature Areas and Zoos – How does weather impact your animals?
      Your environment?

      AccuKidz is a recent addition to the AccuWeather.Com site.
      AccuWeather, The World's Weather Authority®, presents accurate,
      localized, branded forecasts and severe weather bulletins to over 110
      million Americans each day via the Internet, mobile devices and IPTV,
      through the airwaves, in print, and on digital signage. The 113
      meteorologists at AccuWeather deliver a portfolio of customized
      products and services to media, business, government, institutions,
      and to millions of visitors worldwide through the free
      AccuWeather.com website.
      AccuWeather also provides content onto more than 20,000 third party
      Internet sites, including
      CNN Interactive and ABC's owned and operated stations, The Washington
      Post and The New York Times.

      AccuWeather is one of the most visited sites on the internet. And,
      with the great benefits offered by AccuKidz, it is destined to become
      one of the most popular features on the AccuWeather site.

      There are very few rules for how your Team can use AccuKidz. It is
      intended as a place for students, teachers, parents and others to
      present and exchange information that is related to weather, science,
      and your community. It IS NOT intended to be just another social site
      used for purely personal messaging and gossip!

      AccuWeather is committed to providing this service as a way to
      enhance the quality of our children's education, and the way that
      they spend their valuable time. Therefore, the site will be monitored
      for accuracy and appropriateness, and it will be edited to ensure
      that these standards are upheld.

      Within these broad guidelines, the content on AccuKidz is up to the
      users. You can design your own contests, coordinate your own
      assignments, present your own projects, pictures and media, and begin
      your own discussions with other users. It's up to you!

      The best way to use AccuKidz is to form your own Team. It's easy!
      Just go to www.accuweather.com click on Interests, and then Kids
      Weather. There, you can see what the site is all about.

      When you are ready to join AccuKidz, just click the link to Form Your
      Own Team!

      For More Information on AccuKidz, Email our Webmaster:
      Becky Buchko: 814-410-6033 Call anytime 8 AM till 11 PM
      Ron Shawley : 814-322-1825 - 1wildfire@...
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