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Re: Ferrite use on weather stations

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  • Deeply Shrouded
    ... a number ... appliance ... or RFI ... cables ... temp/hydro/transmitter unit. ... run 100 ... through ... end of the ... to the ... unit to ... Hi John,
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      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "John Angell" <kb7lyd@...>
      > Ferrite - "Snap choke cores" or "ferrite beads" - You see these on
      a number
      > if items. Anytime you see a large round thing at the end of an adaptor
      > cable or device cable for your computer - these are ferrites and are
      > designed to suppress unwanted interference ranging from noise from
      > use (such as blenders) to suppressing radio frequency interference
      or "RFI"
      > Even if you use your station in wireless mode, these may help on the
      > from your rain bucket & your anemometer to your
      temp/hydro/transmitter unit.
      > As I said, I have these at both ends of each cable and can easily
      run 100
      > watts on my HF radio with no interference problems. You can get them at
      > Radio Shack (cat # 273-069). You want to wrap the cable twice going
      > the ferrite, then snap it shut. Have the ferrite as close to the
      end of the
      > cable as possible. I have one located near both the rain bucket &
      > anemometer on their cables & also located where the cables plug in
      to the
      > temp/hydro/transmitter unit. Also, I have a cable running from this
      unit to
      > the weather station (faster sampling of data including wind speed &
      > direction). I have a ferrite located where the cable leaves the
      > temp/hydro/transmitter unit and another where it plugs into the weather
      > station - so a total of six ferrites.
      > If your weather station is affected by any kind of RF or electrical
      > interference, these might fix the problem.
      > Good luck!
      > 73 de John / KB7LYD
      > John Angell
      > Kirkland Billing

      Hi John, good to see you on the group.
      I have a weather station here, and sometimes when I key up on HF
      depending on the frequency, the rain gauge goes nuts.
      I didn't know Radio Shack sold ferrites. Now I'll have to go
      there and pick up a few. Thanks for the tip old man.
      You need to check into the Intertie weather net on Thursdays.
      So if I get this straight, you have a bead on each end of the

      --Deeply Shrouded & Quiet
      --Central Control! D-Dial #49
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