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Re: [wuhu_software_group] using the currdat.lst file for a desktop gadget.

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  • Rich Allen
    It should be easy enough to write one if you re familiar with programming at all. I don t use google desktop so I don t have first-hand experience with those
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 13, 2008
      It should be easy enough to write one if you're familiar with
      programming at all. I don't use google desktop so I don't have
      first-hand experience with those gadgets, but Yahoo Widgets uses simple
      javascript and I've written a personal widget that calls the XML feed
      from my two WU stations and displays current temp for each one.

      If you're looking for more data than is supplied by the WU xml feed
      (like Indoor temp, etc), then reading the currdat.lst file is also
      possible but quite a bit more difficult. Of course, if you don't have
      any programming experience all of this is moot. :)

      Rich Allen

      rikostan wrote:
      > Okay here is my odd setup at home.
      > I have a La Crosse 2315 setup in the backyard, connected to a Win XP
      > laptop in the bedroom.
      > I run Ubuntu Linux on my main machine in the computer room. I would
      > like to be able to add a google desktop gadget that pulls it's info
      > from the currdat.lst file. The reason I would like to use the google
      > desktop gadgets, is because I have a decent mix of Linux and Windows
      > PCs here at home, and I know it works across both platforms. I am
      > currently uploading the currdat.lst file from the laptop to a server
      > that all the machines at home have access too.
      > I am running wuhu on the other PCs, and it is pulling the data in just
      > fine, but I would rather have a small desktop gadget that displays the
      > pressure, temp, humidity and wind direction.
      > Any ideas?
      > I have looked to see if there was a wunderground desktop gadget, but
      > unfortunately they do not have one that I can run in Linux.
      > If anybody has seen any other type of desktop gadget that would pull
      > info from a local PWS, please let me know.
      > Oh yeah, and a big thank you for the WUHU software!
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