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Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: WUHU Down HERE

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  • Michael Detwiler
    I ll bet it went something like this.... What do you boys do around here with all these computers? ... ...we run a website called Weather Underground...I m
    Message 1 of 15 , Aug 1, 2008

      I'll bet it went something like this....




      "What do you boys do around here with all these computers?"...


      ...we run a website called Weather Underground...I'm sure you've heard of it.


      "So you're like them boys on TV, right?"


      ..something like that...


      "I'm about done here.....uhhhh, this ain't good...somethins' wrong"


      ...dude!!!  I've got like 100,000 people out there sending me weather info that are going to be freaking out!!!  Get outta' here and you can forget testing this system EVER again!!!







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      And what did the Fire Marshall say after everything discharged? "oops!" :)

      On Fri, 1 Aug 2008, steve_03222 wrote:

      > From another list posted by WU.
      > <<And here is the explanation:
      > I'm going to make this brief, because we're not at 100% yet, but I
      > thought it was only fair to get some info out to the members.
      > I have a hard time relating yet ANOTHER outage this month to all of
      > you without a painful grimace, only because of the completely bizarre
      > circumstances surrounding all of these outages. I have yet one more
      > for you. Perhaps nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but I can
      > guarantee you that until today no one could expect the Fire Marshal.
      > Just before lunch today, the fire marshal showed up to examine the
      > fire safety systems in one of our data centers. Let me tell you right
      > now, the fire safety system works. It's awesome in fact. So awesome
      > that when the fire marshal failed to engage the test mode, and
      > instead
      > went right to the "blow smoke at the detector" phase the entire data
      > center went out like we'd blown a fuse.
      > I can tell you right now, that the sound of a silent data center is
      > enough to make your heart drop into the pit of your stomach.
      > We're working on getting everything back up and running. Once again,
      > we're sorry for the down time, and the fire marshal will "test" our
      > fire system over my dead body.
      > -Aaron>>

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