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Re: Catch-up mode?

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  • wuhu_software
    Jeremy, There is a feature to upload data from the console when WUHU is started. It has not been release as it has not been tested thoroughly. If you want to
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2008
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      There is a feature to upload data from the console when WUHU is
      started. It has not been release as it has not been tested
      thoroughly. If you want to test it, send me an email.

      This would solve the problem when WUHU is not running. If WUHU is
      running but cannot access the Internet this feature would not solve
      the problem. You could shutdown WUHU when you lose the Internet to
      minimize data loss.

      In hindsight, 'catch-up' mode is a feature that should have been
      built in from the start. I would need to re-write large portions of
      the program to make that possible.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "Jeremy" <jeremy8264@...>
      > I did some quick searching but didn't see anything relevant. I've
      > a WS-2308 that I'm using with wuhu in order to upload my data to
      > I've had a few occasions where the Internet connection has gone
      > (router frozen, ISP down, etc) and therefore it can not upload
      > for a period of time. The wuhu software obviously has those updates
      > since it never lost contact with the weather station.
      > Would it be possible to have it upload any pending updates upon a
      > reconnect? I don't know if WU allows historic uploads or not
      > see any reference in the positive nor negative sense) but right now
      > just leaves an ugly gap in the data. Since the original updates
      > have been timestamped as normal, it would make sense to me to queue
      > any failures and re-send them once the connection is restored. That
      > way we aren't "throwing away" any perfectly valid data.
      > One instance where this could be valuable would be during localized
      > storms. Say for example a storm came through my area and the
      > edge of it knocked power out for 30 minutes. My UPS on my PC and
      > to proximity) my weather station would be more than ample to hold
      > system during that period. It would be happily collecting its data
      > and passing it along to Wuhu. Wuhu would attempt to send it and get
      > an error since the power outtage may have taken out the cable modem
      > node that is up on a utility pole a block down the road with no
      > Without sending the backlog, my WU data now has a hole in it during
      > the most interesting period of time for the whole day.
      > I also live in an area where nearby neighborhoods are subject to
      > flooding when we have major storms come through. In the past few
      > years there have been instances where power was out for a short
      > period, but phone and cable (the 2 main sources of Internet
      > connections) were down for days. Again this is a good example of
      > potentially useful storm data being thrown out due to a 'Net
      > connection when it could have been queued up and sent after
      > I have contemplated setting up my own historical data collection
      > method (maybe a database on my local system) so that I would still
      > have this data, but the whole point of uploading to WU is to share
      > data with other parties who may be interested in it.
      > I would be happy to help beta test this functionality if it is
      > something that can be done.
      > Thanks!
      > Jeremy
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