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Re: [wuhu_software_group] Interesting weather data

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  • Michael Detwiler
    Mark: Great to hear from you...been a while....I ve really enjoying the Weather Dials Browser... ~Michael D. Check Out My Weather Blog Exclusively At:
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      Great to hear from you...been a while....I've really enjoying the Weather Dials Browser...


      ~Michael D. 

      Check Out My Weather Blog Exclusively At:

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      I am no expert but here are my ideas…


      It is possible that a tree branch or leaf (or car) got lodged in your anemometer which prevented a wind reading. Definitely not typical to have that sort of pressure change without wind. A 0.1in Hg change in that length of time *should* result in quite a bit of wind, even localized. Either that or the weather station was confused by going too fast.

      The spike is likely caused by a downburst: A large blob of cold air descending from a storm with heavy rain makes a localized high-pressure dome near the ground which eventually flattens out or is swept away by larger phenomena like inflow. Think of it like a water balloon splashing on the ground when dropped, or cold ink in a glass of warm water and then stirring it up.




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      Subject: [wuhu_software_ group] Interesting weather data


      My home in Euless , TX was one of the houses that were damaged in the
      severe storm that passed through on 04/10/08. My LaCrosse weather
      station recorded some interesting info as the storm hit that early
      morning around 3:30am. It may be nothing but the cold front coming
      through right after the storm,but maybe not. I thought that some of
      the people in this group might be interested in reviewing the
      information. It can be viewed at the following address:

      http://www.wundergr ound.com/ weatherstation/ WXDailyHistory. asp?
      ID=KTXEULES5& month=4&day= 10&year=2008

      Pictures of the damage to the house can be viewed at the following

      http://radicon. net/house/

      I know that all of the weather reports for the mid-cities area was
      showing all straight line winds coming from the west that morning
      with wind gusts up to 85 mph. I have several other oak trees in the
      back yard that tend to block accurate wind speed from the west. My
      weather station recorded only speeds of about 10 to 15 mph, but as
      pictures of the west side of my house show, the actual wind speed had
      to be much greater with all of the debris stuck to the brick.

      When I checked the weather data later, I expected to see a drop in
      the air pressure at the time the storm hit the house, but as you can
      see there was actually a small spike in air pressure. At the time
      the tree crashed into the house, I was expecting to hear the roar of
      a tornado at any second, but thankfully that did not occur. Several
      of the neighbors seem to think that maybe some of the damage come
      from a funnel that never reached the ground. Some of the tree limbs
      that we looked at that morning appeared to be twisted off instead of
      just blown off.
      Personally, I am just glad that no one was hurt that morning.

      I sent this information to one of the local TV station weathermen.
      He could not explain the spike either. He just said to chalk it up
      to one of mother nature's strange happenings.


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