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9659Modifying a Lacrosse Ws23xx for Frequent Wireless Updates

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  • Jon
    Feb 2, 2008
      Hi Everyone,

      I've wanted to try the wireless mod for my WS2315 for a long time now.  After a false start , I was able to get the WS2315 transmitter to send updates almost constantly on batteries.  It works great and I can now see the wind gusts as they happen instead of hearing "whoosh" and having the wind speed read "calm"! /:)  Rapidfire actually works without having to run the wires between the transmitter and the console now.

      All credit for the hack goes to fabriziosalvadori.com  I simply documented my steps on ewikihow:

      How to Modify a Lacrosse Ws2300 for Frequent Wireless Updates 
      This Wiki is a translation of a web page that describes how to modify a Lacrosse WS2300 Weather station to transmit data every 8 seconds or so. Normally, data is sent on an intermittent basis. This can be anywhere from 32 seconds to up to 10 minutes.

      I hope this helps another fellow WS2310/WS2315 Weather station owner.

      Jon G.

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