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9553Re: New WU Forecast page ehancements.

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  • Rick
    Feb 1, 2008
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      WOW..Thanks Steve...I am glad you cleared that up..I had no idea what
      he was talking about.. I do now, but the personal weather stations
      have always been where they are on WU. Nothings Changed and if you
      look you can see the data from the personal station you choose at the
      top of the page, right by the radar web cam area. So I am not sure
      what his complaint might be.

      Each and every weather service we have is a bit different in how they
      display data, I for one feel lucky to have so many outlets for my Data
      to be used on, this includes WU, CWOP, Awekas, AnythingWeather,
      Weatherfouryou and of course HamWeather. I'm just glad to be here and
      I bet most who use all these services feel the same.

      My web page has stickers for all these services.


      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "steve_03222"
      <steve_03222@...> wrote:
      > I happen to live in NH so we get lots of election coverage here. We
      > get much of the negative campaign stuff before the rest of the
      > country, so that be said I have been listening it for some time.
      > Comments like the one below, just reminds me of NEGATIVE Campaigns,
      > more about what is wrong with the other instead of what is good
      > about the one speaking.
      > The coment made about the location of the link to PWS may be a very
      > valid point, would have been nicer to just make that comment and
      > leave the rest off, especially when you ARE the other guy.
      > Just my opionion, which does not represent anyones elses opinion
      > except my own.
      > Steve
      > > They moved the links to our web sites down another page level. :(
      > > weatherforyou.com still keeps them with the data at the top of the
      > > local forecast pages. ""But we appear to have different goals and
      > > purposes for personal weather station data"".
      > >
      > >
      > > --
      > > Joe Torsitano
      > > weatherforyou.com >>
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