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  • wuhu_software
    Aug 1, 2007

      Sorry, you cannot combine the templates with the web service right
      now on a single action... I did realize it would be nice to do a mix
      of actions, web service, and templates all on a single line. Will
      have to give that some thought. I was thinking maybe prefixing
      actions with action: and webservice with webservice: so that the line
      can be parsed.

      Maybe just specifying a file that contains a list of actions,
      templates, etc might be easier. Something like
      actionlist:c:\actionlist.txt, where each action is on a seperate line
      within the file. In that way, you could mix and match. Hm...

      For now you could play a trick, use the web service on the
      activation, use templates on the deactivation for the update (or vice
      versa). The deactivation action will always happen after the
      activation action.

      As far as the length goes, it should be able to handle at least 1024
      bytes or so. I am not sure if there is a limitation on an edit box or
      not. I would suspect there is but it is hard to say.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, John Liss <john@...>
      > I'm sorry if this has been asked before..
      > Damn WUHU.. you have done it again. TEMPLATES! rock on.
      > Q?
      > In the readme it says:
      > *44) Added templates. Templates will allow you to specify an input
      > file and output text file. When the input file is copied to the
      > file, weather data can be injected in to the output file by using
      > replacement strings (%OutdoorTempDegF% for example). This would
      allow to
      > create .htm files that contain the weather data. You can specify
      > multiple templates per action.*
      > *As an example, say that you specified the following as an Update
      *template: "C:\HeavyWeather\InputTest.htm" "C:\HeavyWeather\OutputTest
      > *You can specify multiple templates like this:*
      > *template:"C:\HeavyWeather\InputTest.htm"
      > "C:\HeavyWeather\OutputTest.htm"
      template:"C:\HeavyWeather\InputTest2.htm" "C:\HeavyWeather\OutputTest2
      > *
      > Question: Can you do
      > http://localhost/collector.aspx?t=%OutdoorTempDegF%&h=%
      > template:"C:\HeavyWeather\InputTest.htm"
      > "C:\HeavyWeather\OutputTest.htm"
      template:"C:\HeavyWeather\InputTest2.htm" "C:\HeavyWeather\OutputTest2
      > What is the max length of a line action? My collector.aspx string
      > length alone is pretty long (I'd have to count but I'd guess at
      > 100 chars...)
      > <http://localhost/webservice/collector.aspx?t=31&h=54.2&r=0.00>*
      > * <http://localhost/webservice/collector.aspx?t=31&h=54.2&r=0.00>
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