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6955Re: Win98 SE changeover success

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  • Wayne Thomas
    Jul 6, 2007
      > Agree with that but didn't want to spend the $ to upgrade to xp
      > thinking that with a few more $ could buy a new box but then it would
      > be vista and duo core which sounds scary from what I've been reading
      > sooo I'll wait because I'm not ready to try linux again, well, not
      > yet anyway. I fooled with lindows for awhile when it was lindows.
      > and so it goes, Bob

      I have quite a few extra boxes around that can run WIN 98SE quite
      easily and was considering doing the changeover.I am currently running
      XP Pro on a notebook and it works great. So you are saying your
      opinion of the 98 SE OS for this application is pretty bleak at the

      Might have to stay with what I have running my WUHU upload. I am by no
      means ready for Vista yet..for my own use waay too many discrepancies
      in compatibility..

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