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  • Jaye Ellen
    May 31, 2007
      Hi ---
      I noticed a string of errors that occurred yesterday evening.  The only thing I had done was to download and install the latest WUHU 215 program.  Is there any relationship between the two activities?
      Jaye Ellen KTNGOODL6

      On 5/30/07, Alan Steremberg <alans@...> wrote:


      I am not sure what the problem is.  I would love to blame it on Chinese Weather Channel hackers. Sounds perfect!

      Most likely we are just having trouble keeping up with the cams, we didn't expect it to grow this quickly.  We were planning for 10,000 cams but not in the first weekend :-)


      On 5/30/07, steve_03222 <steve_03222@... > wrote:

      Usually WU issues are very short lived. They have a great team that
      jumps on problems quickly.
      I personally do not feel they have lots of issues, we as a group are
      just very good at pointing out any issues we see, so that WU can
      quickly resolve them. WU does monitor this group as they know we
      provide accurate feedback for them.
      As for any weatherCam issues, you can report issues through
      support@... That will go directly to the weathercam
      Spoeaking of WeatherCams have you seen th eimprovements made recently,
      have you seen how many cams are uploading.


      Alan Steremberg
      Weather Underground
      415-543-5022 x 103

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