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6316Re: FW: Computer Crash

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  • Paul
    May 6, 2007

      Have you tried going direct to your station using WUHU rather than
      heavyweather? I had nothing but problems with serial port
      communications using heavyweather with my WS-3610 - and it has been
      rock solid since I went direct with WUHU. Even if it does not work
      you have eliminated the software program as the cause of the problems.


      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "Jeffrey C. Le Doux"
      <jefcled@...> wrote:
      > Steve,
      > I have downloaded the Heavy Weather v2.0 Beta, and I keep getting
      > following message on my newer computer. Failed to initialize
      properly err
      > 0xc0000005. No other information. I have uninstalled and re-
      > several times, and I am still getting the same message. Any
      ideas? By the
      > way this is being sent off the computer that is giving me the
      problem. The
      > other computer is working, and will soon be back on line.
      > _____
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      > Jeff,
      > Thanks for the update. It sure sounds like some kind of power surge
      > took place.
      > When you get everything re-installed and if you still have serial
      > problems, you can buy a new serial port for around $20 bucks.
      > If you don't want to do that and have USB you can buy a Serial/Usb
      > adapter for just under $30.00. The I/O gear works great with the
      > Lacrosse units.
      > Good luck !! I know what it is like.
      > Steve
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