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619Changes to error detection and correct. V146.

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  • wuhu_software
    Jan 31, 2006
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      Due to several reports from users about certain variables freezing
      up, I may be able to correct in the latest release.

      I have re-written the error detection code so that, if a variable
      strays away from the average (threshold is variable dependent), then
      it will be corrected twice. If that value persists to be out of
      range, I am not going to attempt to correct it, and I will pass it up
      un-filtered to the weather servers.

      If the variable comes back in the threshold range of the average,
      then the logic will then be re-enabled to correct out of range values.

      I am hoping this is the root cause of the locked-up varibles.

      If you continue to see locked variables (or another other variables
      that seem to be way too high or way too low), *PLEASE* capture the
      currdat.lst file (if you are using that as input) and post it's
      contents with your observations. It is nearly impossible for me to
      debug the code without knowing what that file contains.

      If you are using direct serial, there is not a lot I can do except
      speculate as to the cause. I will keep an eye on my station in the