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  • Alan Steremberg
    Apr 7, 2007
      Aaron and John have a configuration that works for the Axis. The deal is that they are setup to FTP on an event like motion in the frame. So we have to set it up to 'always trigger' and keep sending frames every 1 minute.
      I am intrigued by using an Axis camera with one ethernet cable, and powering it over the ethernet. You can buy inexpensive linksys switches now that handle power over ethernet.  But maybe power is easier to get outside than ethernet?

      On 4/7/07, steve_03222 <steve_03222@...> wrote:

      I was hoping for something wireless that would not need "some
      jiggering and weird settings".
      I like where you can just make a few entries and have it start
      uploading as soon as you start it :)

      For now I guess I will just kepp uploading with what I have. I think
      it does fairly well, considering it was made to be used indoors for
      video chatting !


      Alan Steremberg
      Weather Underground
      415-543-5022 x 103
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