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  • steve_03222
    Apr 7, 2007
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      I agree with Alan.
      I first bought a $40 web cam and had real issues with lighting.
      I upgraded to a Creative Labs Live pro camera and still have lighting issues, but not as bad as the cheaper one.
      One good thing is that it came with the software to upload via FTP, so setting up was a breeze.

      Mine is however limited to 16' USB cable. I have tried the "active" cables, but it just will not work any further than 16'.
      Others have cams that work with the extension cables.

      I have been looking into wireless cams, but they are pricey.
      I have found out though that all wireless cams will not have the capability to upload vis FTP according to the manufacturer.

      My webcam is actually mounted outside on a porch which has a roof on it, so it is not hit with rain or snow. It is in front of my side window light panels and I was able to minimize the lighting problems by placing a black panel behind the cam. This seemed to minimize the back lighting affecting the auto adjustment.

      If you go to this website and double click on the picture it opens a window and on the bottom is listed the type of cam in use.
      You could always view the different pictures, look at the cam and see how it looks under different lighting conditions. May help you make a decision on which cam to buy.

      Bottom line is that no matter what cam you have, when the sun is shining in the field of view, you will have lighting issues unless you spent a whole lot of money and add filters and such.

      Just my 10 cents worth. Was going to be 2 cents worth, but a got carried away !!


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