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6032Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: WU Webcam Project - Update

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  • Alan Steremberg
    Apr 4, 2007
      That is a really good idea.  Maybe it makes sense to use an old camera off of ebay since we don't need that many megapixels..

      On 4/4/07, Mark Wyman <mark@...> wrote:

      They are fairly cheap and easy to set up; I will probably get a new one since the view from the comp room window is quite nice. Speaking of which, does anyone know of an inexpensive still camera which can be remote-controlled through the USB to take periodic snapshots? I would like to have better IQ than a 640x480 webcam, and the ability to add on a UV and IR filter for solar protection since the cam faces south. I thought Canon used to have a decent USB interface, but I cannot remember.




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      Looks GREAT!

      I wish I had a web cam.


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      > All,
      > The WU webcam project is moving along smoothly.
      > If you are interested you can view the uploads at this link:
      > http://www.wunderground.com/webcams/index.html
      > < http://www.wunderground.com/webcams/index.html>
      > They are ready to accept any and all that are interested in uploading.
      > You need a webcam and software that will allow FTP uploads. You can set
      > the time interval to 1 minute or longer. If you follow the link above
      > you will see a button to add your camera. You will need your WU ID and
      > password.
      > Please be advised that this is still in the BETA stage and they are
      > working on it daily. There will be more interesting things to come. If
      > the add camera link isn't working right away, try it again later and it
      > should be.
      > Enjoy,
      > Steve

      Alan Steremberg
      Weather Underground
      415-543-5022 x 103
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