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4897Re: Tornados sweep through central Florida in the middle of the night.

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  • kc8nzj
    Feb 3, 2007
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      Go check out a program called Interwarn. www.interwarn.com This is a
      program you install that retrieves NWS products directly from the
      IWIN servers. You can add as many counties as you want from any area
      of the US. You can also select only the products you want to be
      informed about. WHen a product is issued a crawler will pop up on
      your monitor and the NOAA alert tone will sound. YOu can customize
      what alerts you want, and then select if you want to crawler, or
      alert tone, or neither. All the current active products are
      displayed in a very nice color coded window and can me clicked on to
      immediately show the NWS text. Also.... you can set it up to send
      alerts to an e-mail. I have my alerts get sent to my cell phone.
      Because I have a cheap phone it won't show the whole text but it will
      show what type of product was just issued and then I can simply
      access NOAA WX radio or get on the computer to find out what's up.

      When I lived in Cleveland, Ohio I was in charge of SKywarn for a
      period. We used this program to send pages out to all our spotters.
      We had in excess of 30 phones and e-mails loaded into the software
      and it worked flawlessly and was VERY reliable. We would usually get
      our products several seconds before local media. And when it comes
      to tornados, seconds save lives.

      I would invite everyone to download the software and take advantage
      of the free 30 day trial to play around. There is also a nice RADAR
      program but I haven't tried it. I use weather tap for my radar.
      ANother GREAT service. www.weathertap.com

      Mat KC8NZJ "Chase 6"
      South Florida

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      <wuhu_software@...> wrote:
      > I was just watching the news this morning about the tornados that
      > through central Florida. The current estimate is that at least one
      > an F2 tornado. I guess 1988 was the last time one swept through the
      > area in the middle of the night (so the news says).
      > Looks like a real mess over by New Smyrna (one of my favorite spots
      > Flordia, been there many times visting family).
      > On the news, they discussed the real need for weather radios to
      > people up in the middle of the night. Especially in Florida.
      > Interestingly, the two Orlando WU audio streams are up and running.
      > am not sure if they were up when the alerts went out, but I am
      > that they were.
      > It sure would be nice to have the WU SAME radios on the desktop.
      > Even if the audio streams do go down, the virtual radio could still
      > a users attention by playing alert sounds, alert text, or even
      > activating alert devices (say X10 devices).
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