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380RE: [wuhu_software_group] La Crosse WS2310TWC

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  • Charles M. Owen
    Jan 5, 2006

      I have been up only about two weeks. If your are using wuhu with heavy weather it is easy to join CWOP. Check out the website at http://www.wxqa.com/ for more info.


      I guessed you are close to these CWOP stations near St Louis





      David Helms is one of the contacts with CWOP








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      So far...all I've joined is this group. Figured I'd start here and see where cyberspace takes me. I'll check out your link tonight.

      I've been to the wunderground site and was impressed with the quantity of stations in my area. There is one in Harvester which is where I actually live. From what I can tell, our results don't match up too well. But, it is quite hilly in Harvester (along the bluffs down to the MO River) so our differences may be a result of that....I dunno. I may try to contact that person and see exactly where he/she lives and go from there.

      Thanks for the input.

      "Charles M. Owen" <CMOwen@...> wrote:

      I just got that one too. Are you enrolled in the CWOP? I am just now starting to get an automated Quality Check that compares to other local stations started. I don’t yet have a handle on the QC summary e-mail totally yet, but the graphs are good…




      BTW, I am envious of all the stations around your big cities.


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      On 1/4/06, Mike <golfing18@...> wrote:

      Hello everyone. I am a new member and new owner of the 2310.
      Installation hint...make sure you have the polarity of the batteries
      in the thermo-hygro sensor correct or you WILL spend half a day
      trying to figure out why the wireless connection doesn't work.
      Anyway...just wondering what might be the best way to tell if the
      readings I am getting are accurate or not. Is there a website with
      highly accurate readings for a given area somewhere? I would compare
      mine to the local (Saint Charles, MO) TV channels, but they are in
      downtown St. Louis and are going to be quite different than mine. At
      this point, I would have to assume that mine are reasonably
      accurate...or am I assuming something that I should not? I'm not
      sure what everyone's opinion of this weather station is...would
      certainly like to hear some. I followed the installation tips in the
      manual for locating the thermo-hygro sensor (attached it to the
      least sunny side of a pergola timber column....sees very little
      sunlight...mostly in the morning...and is basically under the eave
      of the house).
      Anyway...any guidance/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Mike Knapp



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