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376RE: [wuhu_software_group] La Crosse WS2310TWC

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  • Charles M. Owen
    Jan 5 6:34 AM

      I just got that one too. Are you enrolled in the CWOP? I am just now starting to get an automated Quality Check that compares to other local stations started. I don’t yet have a handle on the QC summary e-mail totally yet, but the graphs are good…






      BTW, I am envious of all the stations around your big cities.


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      Anything here close to you?


      On 1/4/06, Mike <golfing18@...> wrote:

      Hello everyone. I am a new member and new owner of the 2310.
      Installation hint...make sure you have the polarity of the batteries
      in the thermo-hygro sensor correct or you WILL spend half a day
      trying to figure out why the wireless connection doesn't work.
      Anyway...just wondering what might be the best way to tell if the
      readings I am getting are accurate or not. Is there a website with
      highly accurate readings for a given area somewhere? I would compare
      mine to the local (Saint Charles, MO) TV channels, but they are in
      downtown St. Louis and are going to be quite different than mine. At
      this point, I would have to assume that mine are reasonably
      accurate...or am I assuming something that I should not? I'm not
      sure what everyone's opinion of this weather station is...would
      certainly like to hear some. I followed the installation tips in the
      manual for locating the thermo-hygro sensor (attached it to the
      least sunny side of a pergola timber column....sees very little
      sunlight...mostly in the morning...and is basically under the eave
      of the house).
      Anyway...any guidance/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Mike Knapp



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