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356Re: Need alot of help with Heavy Weather & .....

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  • wuhu_software
    Dec 15, 2005

      Just go to this link and download the WUHU software WUHU139_16.zip:


      Unzip the file to a directory and run the setup program contained

      To configure WUHU, you need your account name and password (obtained
      at the WU site, personal weather stations link).

      In general settings, select the type Lacrosse Heavyweather data file.
      Hit the change button and select the currdat.lst file that is
      typically stored in c:\heavyweather. This file is updated every
      minute by the Heavyweather beta 2.0 program. Note that Heavyweather
      must be running at all times for WUHU to work.

      For details on the program, after you install WUHU, there is a
      Readme.txt file that is stored under the WUHU programs folder (off
      the Start button/Programs/WUHU menu).

      Let us know if you need more help.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "biltmorecane"
      <Doninashv@a...> wrote:
      > Downloading the software so I can link to Weather Underground. Hey
      > I am a complete idiot at doing this. I have a ws-2315 & the HW 2.0
      > release software. Can you help me with what I need to download, so
      > can link my ws & people can read my stats? Thanks for any help. Don
      > White
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