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314Re: problem with wuhu139_16

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  • jjantti2
    Nov 2, 2005
      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "Miguel" <ai4em@y...> wrote:

      > well, after 3 minutes then it started to work,, it was a delay but I
      > manage to install it and its working,,

      The problem you described has the same characteristics as the problem
      I've encountered with a different program. It seemed to do nothing and
      in frustration, I started at least 10 more. You can guess my surprise,
      when 11 installation programs threw themselves open. :-)

      Well that was then... The culprit was my overzealous antivirus
      program. It was configured to check all packed files and the program
      hanged for several minutes trying to access a non standard cab-file.
      The time it was hanged, it was really doing nothing. My computer was
      only waiting for the scanner process to time out. Configuring the
      real-time scanner to ignore cab-files altoghether helped.

      Of course this may not be the case with your computer. There are many
      other factors like Windows Installer (if the installer program is
      using it) and other running programs (especially those in the system

      Next time you install WUHU, try it with antivirus software's real-time
      (or on-access) scanner disabled and see if that has any effect.

      Best Regards,
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