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25RE: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Anyone else have a problem with COM port and XP?

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  • Springer,James C.
    Apr 1, 2005
      > From: wuhu_software [mailto:wuhu_software@...]
      > I would suspect that there is some type of resource conflict such
      > as multiple devices attempting to be "com1", like modems or other
      > devices.
      > Another problem may be a shared IRQ conflict. If possible, do not
      > share the com port IRQ with another device. If other devices are
      > sharing the same IRQ, and they cannot be moved to other IRQs, try
      > removing the device from the computer.

      Thanks for your suggestions. I highly doubt it is a conflict though
      because I currently have no other devices on the COMs. Device Manager
      doesn't report a conflict either. But nonetheless I'll reverify this

      Also, I'll give the FIFO buffer mod a shot too. Frankly not too hopeful
      here either as I can talk to the weather station (with FIFO buffers on)
      but only after that manual uninstall of the com port and reboot.
      Definitely worth a shot though.

      Just as a reference, I thought Microsoft's knowledge base article
      #283063 had similarities to this problem, though not exactly (and it was
      Win2K, not XP). I did however try the registry change to no avail.

      I'll also have to look into that IO Gear USB/Serial you mentioned.

      Again, thanks for the input, I'll explore a little more.


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