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23002Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: My wuhu is slamming weatherbug

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  • H. Smith
    Jul 23, 2014
      You must exit WUHU before attempting to remove the file.

      Delete the WUHU Unsent URLs.dat file and then re-start WUHU.

      On Tuesday, July 22, 2014 9:47 AM, "Chris Mattingly chris@... [wuhu_software_group]" <wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I renamed these two files, but apparently neither of them were it.

      WUHU History.dat
      WUHU Unsent URLs.dat

      Even more odd is I stopped WUHU, editing WUHU Configuration Data.ini to make sure Weatherbug uploads was set to 0, started WUHU back, and it continued with weatherbug uploads.

      On 7/22/2014 9:11 AM, wuhu_software@... [wuhu_software_group] wrote:

      That is odd, it appears to be trying to upload historical data not live data. I cannot check in to it until later but there is a file that can be deleted to flush out uploads that are queued up.

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