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22588CWOP not reporting

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  • Bob Tyszka
    Nov 15, 2013
          Earlier this week I upgraded to an LaCrosse WS-2811 station, Thanks Don.  It is up and running except for CWOP.  For some reason the data is not showing up on their website.  I have upgraded to the latest WUHU, rebooted the computer, turned off CWOP reporting, tried changing CWOP servers, but no results so far.  I have been told that the system updates on Wednesday so I might have to wait and see what happens then.  The good news is I got the webcam working again, I'll take even small victories.
          Have a great weekend!

      Bob Tyszka
      California City, CA
      CW9012 / KCACALIF5

for California City, California Forecast