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22583Re: [wuhu_software_group] Programing WUHU to upload to my website

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  • Han Brouwer-Keij
    Nov 12 2:24 AM
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      I do not know the answer for your question but you can make the ftp action easier to read and much shorter. Use the next line for all your files at the same time:
      ftp://*********:**********@ftp.*******.com "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\*.html" "/wuhu/"


        On 11-11-2013 18:03, tony@... wrote:
      Now that the previous issue of WUHU not receiving my info from the console (again it was my console that was the issue, NOT the WUHU program), I need to configure the WUHU program so that the weather information will update to my website.

      Here is my action file:
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx1.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\index.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx2.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx2.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx3.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx3.html"
      template:"c:\program files\ ;wuhu\templates\wx4.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx4.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx5.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx5.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx6.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx6.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx7.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx7.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx8.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx8.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx9.txt" " ;c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx9.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx10.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx10.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx11.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx11.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx12.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx12.html"
      ftp://*********:**********@ftp.*******.com "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\index.html" "/wuhu/index.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx2.html" "/wuhu/wx2.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx3.html" "/wuhu/wx3.h tml" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx4.html" "/wuhu/wx4.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx5.html" "/wuhu/wx5.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx6.html" "/wuhu/wx6.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx7.html" "/wuhu/wx7.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx8.html" "/wuhu/wx8.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx9.html" "/wuhu/wx9.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx10.html" "/wuhu/wx10.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx11.html" "/wuhu/wx11.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx12.html" "/wuhu/wx12.html"

      These files were the same ones I used prior and seem to be fine.

      I have placed the actual WUHU program int o the file:
      C:\Program Files\WUHU

      What file(s) do I need to place in the following areas of the WUHU interface:

      HeaveyWeather Currdat.LST Output File Configuration (INI Text File Output)
      PLEASE NOTE, I have the Write Currdat.lst checked, as well as, Write Extended Data  I just don't know what FILE i should be using

      WUHU Operation Alarms/Actions
      On HISTORY Update**
      Action on Activation 
      What fil e needs to go here?

      WUHU Operations Alarms/Actions
      On Weather Update
      What file(s) need to go here?

      Not worried about audible alarms, and I don't think i need to worry about Action on Deactivation either

      Again this is just to get my weather information updated to my website.

      Thanks for all the help in advance


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      Geen virus gevonden in dit bericht.
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